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10 pictures of wooden main doors for aesthetics and protection

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The main doors of our house are incredibly important because they set the tone of the entire house’s decor. But picking the main doors can be tricky because they need to be both good-looking and strong. Well, the one material which fulfils both of those requirements is wood.

To inspire you today, here are 10 pictures of wooden main doors:

1. Open from both sides

 This door gives a twist to the classic wooden doors by installing a panel which lets the door be opened from both sides.

2. Classic and stylish

If you don’t want to experiment much with the front door, then we recommend going with a classic, yet stylish wooden door. 

3. Traditional double doors

These designer traditional double doors with embellishments all over and long handles are the epitome of perfection. Not to mention, the fan inside the room perfectly matches with the door. 

​4. Victorian double doors

If you want to give your home a more European vibe, then we recommend going for Victorian double doors like this with classic click handles. 

5. Modern and minimal wooden doors

These modern and minimal double doors are perfect for a home which has a minimal décor inside. 

6. Frosted glass for a touch of elegance

In case you do want to go with wooden and glass combination, but you don’t want strangers to be able to look inside your house, then you can go for frosted glass which provides much more privacy.

7. Take the simple route

This wooden door is the very definition of simple and classic. The side glass panels provide a great contrast to the stainless steel handle.

8. Grand door to match the façade

This house has a grand façade with a big entrance and stunning pillars. Of course, to match the façade, they had to pick a grand wooden door like this. 

9. Strong and secure

A complete no-nonsense wooden door, this one is simple and extremely strong. Installing a door like this means not only will you feel secure inside your house but you will also love the beauty quotient it adds to your house. 

10. See through

One of the biggest problem people face with wooden doors is that they can’t see who is outside without a keyhole. Well, the solution to that problem is that you can use wooden door frames and install see through glass in between.

For more inspiration, check this ideabook.

Which one of these wooden doors inspired you the most?

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