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15 pictures of window grills for your home

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Windows are the main source of light for any home so to have grills and bars that are appealing as well as non-restrictive is important. There are many materials that can be used to make your window grills but the designs that add to the overall beauty is something that we all struggle to achieve. 

Here are some ideas that will not only give you a beautiful looking window but will also not disturb the incoming light. 

1. Vertical grill

Similar looking vertical grills are also easy to create. By placing the bars parallel to each other the designer has been able to create a subtle design that is also good for added security. These grills are the best options for outside windows and for protecting them from break-in. 

2. Simple box grills

One of the simplest and the most effective design that you can use to make your window look beautiful is this iron box grill. This design incorporates small rectangular bars joint together that also provide structural support.  

3. Classic horizontal bars

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Another great design that is simple to create yet looks beautiful is this horizontal bar grill. The designer for this window has placed these bars at equal distances to create a simple layout that does not intefear with teh natural source of light. 

4. Glass windows

If you are looking to incorporate grace and regalness into your house through your windows then opting for such glass frames is highly recommended. The best thing about such windows is that they are fully covered, yet they provide ample amounts of light within the room. 

5. Wooden grills

If you are looking for a design that can be made quickly than trying similar wooden grills is something that you should consider. These grills can be customised as per your wish and can be prepared within no time. 

6. Traditional windows

If you love traditional looking designs then this is the perfect window grill for you. The design is a simple wooden square shaped frame that has small vertical bars on both leafs to add support to the window. 

7. Curved grills

For a unique window design trying out such curved grills can also be a great idea. The best thing about these grills is that they can incorporate various small design in the curved shaped frame as well. 

8. Designer grills

Creating different designs like flowers and swirls into your window grill is also very easy with similar looking frames. These grills are made of wrought iron and are the best alternative for designer windows. 

9. Iron bars

If you want to use iron bars for your window grill then this design too can be a good option. It si a simple grill that has both vertical as well as horizontal iron bars. 

10. Net grill

If you want to protect your room from direct sunlight then opting for net like grills is advised. These grills can be made from metal wires which make them light and easy to shape. 

11. Square grill

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Using clear glass and wood frame is the most effective way to design a grill that does not internal with the natural light source. It is also the best way to make a room feel spacious and airy. 

12. Bars

For those who are looking for a budget friendly option creating window grills using only bars is something worth a shot. Whether they are wooden, iron or metal bars you can easily create such durable grill without much hassle. 

13. Creative grills

If you don't want heavy iron grills for your windows then opting for such panels is also an excellent idea. They are not only delicate and artistic but will also provide a Victorian feel to the entire house. 

14. Rustic grill

If you are someone who is looking to create a rustic vibe for their home then using such grills or window pannels is a must. These grills are usually made of iron which makes them long lasting and easy to customise. 

15. Long metal bars

For windows that are big in size, using similar long metal bars is the best way to add a layer of protection to your home. The space between these bars can be increased or reduced as per your wish which can also add to the strength of the grill. 

For more window grill designs check out our ideabook

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