Modern glass extension on a listed home

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Walk On Roof Glass Extension, Trombe Ltd Trombe Ltd Modern living room
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When owners of a listed building decided to add more space to their home via a rear extension, they thought to themselves: why not opt for something that could pull double-duty like, say, an add-on room that can also function as a balcony? 

And that is exactly what they accomplished, thanks to the help of professional architectural team Trombe, based in London, who conjured up an extension that stretches the full width of the property’s rear side and incorporates minimal frame sliding doors and a walk-on glass roof

That’s right: you can climb to the top of the extension and walk around (or sit and relax) on top of it

This is certainly a unique project which doesn’t come along every day – let’s explore!

The new look

External photo Trombe Ltd Modern living room glass,extension,sliding doors,minimal frame,glazing structure,doors,walk on roof
Trombe Ltd

External photo

Trombe Ltd

Such an exceptional look! Even though one spots the modern extension immediately, it looks like it was there all along – like it and the brick-clad building were made for each other. 

And we just love the functionality that this design affords the homeowners, who now have more options on exactly where (and how high) they want to go for some relaxation and fresh air. 

Modern glass balustrades ensure both a safety element and a touch of sleek style.

The classy interiors

Internal photo Trombe Ltd Modern living room glass,extension,doors,sliding doors,minimal frame,structural glazing
Trombe Ltd

Internal photo

Trombe Ltd

The fact that this extension has a walk-on roof is just one of its many fascinating features – have a look at those artistic interiors, which show a huge commitment to both style and substance. 

A neutral colour palette dominates the furnishings and décor pieces, ensuring a clean and subtle look which contrasts quite effectively with the exterior spaces. 

On one side of this open-plan extension we find a cosy little seating corner, and on the other…

The classy interiors cont.

Internal photo Trombe Ltd Modern living room glass,extension,glass roof,sliding doors,minimal frame,structural glazing
Trombe Ltd

Internal photo

Trombe Ltd

… is a dining area decked out in front of a full-length mirror to add even more visual space. 

Notice the fascinating combination of patterns and colours via the wall art and rug, not to mention how both coincide with the visual appeal of that exposed brick wall. 

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The beautiful view

Internal photo Trombe Ltd Modern living room door,minimal frame,sliding door,extension,glass,roof,structural glazing
Trombe Ltd

Internal photo

Trombe Ltd

Even though the glass panes used for this extension are crystal clear and ensure a delightful view of the garden, they don’t do much to help along the fresh-air vibe – that is, until those huge glazed doors are slid aside and the extension becomes one with the outdoors. 

Then, out we go onto the wooden-deck patio, or up the open-riser staircase which takes us to the top of the glass-clad extension. 

Now we can finally enjoy teatime with a floating sensation! 

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