15 images of homes with LED lights

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In today’s fast paced life, evening is the only time when you can spend some quiet and peaceful time at home. A proper lighting can make or break your mood. It has the power to magically transform the look of your home and create a mood for some quality and romantic time with your loved ones.

Through this idea book, we are showcasing 15 amazing ideas of brightening up different areas of the home using LED lights. LED… it is energy-efficient, long lasting and is available in different tones. You can install it hidden behind the false ceilings, walls, lamps, chandelier… to make your evening special. Take a cue and spread lights in your home.

​The walk on the pathway

Your guests will love this walk to the entrance of your home. Hidden lights in the planters are welcoming and are defining the path.

​An eclectic living room illumination

Residence at Lajpat Nagar Jalandhar (Bantu Sabhawal), SPACE RACE ARCHITECTS SPACE RACE ARCHITECTS Classic style living room

Residence at Lajpat Nagar Jalandhar (Bantu Sabhawal)


Hidden illumination highlighting each domical niche on the wall is leaving a powerful impact in this traditional living room. The LED lights fixed on the ceiling and a large illuminated transparent false ceiling are very modern in approach.

​Modern and serene living room

GSP Interiors , Space Collage Space Collage Modern living room
Space Collage

GSP Interiors

Space Collage

False ceiling made of wood hiding lights behind it, clean shiny floor and a beautiful painting of Buddha overlooking the space; this is very modern and very peaceful.

​Mystifying beauty of the patterns

Three Storey Grand Residence @Paota,Jodhpur, RAVI - NUPUR ARCHITECTS RAVI - NUPUR ARCHITECTS Modern living room

Three Storey Grand Residence @Paota,Jodhpur


Beautiful carvings on the ceiling and LED lights illuminating it; just imagine the patterns it will make on the shiny floor.

​Fun lighting for some fun time

Close to Nature Living Room, Takeaway Interiors Takeaway Interiors Tropical style living room
Takeaway Interiors

Close to Nature Living Room

Takeaway Interiors

The playful lighting in this space will double your fun with family. Green lighting on the ceiling, floor, walls and an illuminated separator is creating a drama over here. The dance floor is ready for you. What are you waiting for?

​An evening on terrace

AIS Designs


AIS Designs

An illuminated wall of your terrace, a coffee table with two chairs and you with your spouse under the starlit sky; isn’t it a great way to unwind?

The soothing experience

Bedroom lighting should be soft and soothing to calm your mind and soothe your nerves.The lighting in this white and wooden bedroom is clean, lucid, soothing and perfect.

​For the romantic getaway

Indian Contemporary Design, Premdas Krishna Premdas Krishna Modern style bedroom
Premdas Krishna

Indian Contemporary Design

Premdas Krishna

A beautiful cut-out wooden wall, creative lamps hanging from above and hidden lights spreading all over, it’s creating a right mood for some romantic moments.

Up, above and below- chasing the lights

The interesting arrangement of LED lights on the ceiling and wall is creating a beautiful effect. The splendor of this room has increased manifold by the lighting specially the one spreading on the floor.

​Cooking for the family

The classic combination of black and white looks good in the daylight, but here it is mesmerizing when the light is on. Cooking dinner for the family will be a refreshing experience with diffused spot light spreading on the walls.

​Fine dining experience right in your home

Contemporary Living Room with Home Automation, Takeaway Interiors Takeaway Interiors Modern living room
Takeaway Interiors

Contemporary Living Room with Home Automation

Takeaway Interiors

The Blue lighting on the ceiling, hanging pendant lamps and hidden lights illuminating the orange walls has transformed this simple bar cum dining area into a beautiful space for drinks and dinner.

​A corner of your veranda

The rustic charm of this corner complete with old style lamps hanging from the roof and from a plant in the corner is beautiful. Look at the lamp on the table. It’s beautiful!

​Reflection on the bathroom

Residential interiors for Mr.Siraj at Chennai, Offcentered Architects Offcentered Architects Minimalist bathroom
Offcentered Architects

Residential interiors for Mr.Siraj at Chennai

Offcentered Architects

The lights falling on the mosaic tiles and getting reflected is making this bathroom mysterious and awesome.

​Dress up the dressing area

A cool look of the modern dressing area is further elevated by the chic chandelier hanging from the roof. The reflection of it on the mirror and LED hidden under the false ceiling has spectacularly transformed the space. It looks fantastic!

​The blue lagoon

Divyashree, Sanctuary Sanctuary Modern pool



A dip in the pool after a hard day of work will surely be refreshing. Why not illuminate it with soft and soothing lights to lull the tired body and soul.

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