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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where the family gather together to eat, talk and socialise. Food and  cooking are an important part of so many cultures. It is the occasion that time honoured family recipes are passed down from one generation to the next. Whether it is preparation for an annual festival or making an evening meal, the art of cooking can take a considerable amount of time, in preparation, cooking and assembling. If there are clever gadgets in the kitchen to make this process easier, simpler or just plain fun, this will always be an advantage. Whether it is a machine that chops, stirs and cooks or just a clever way to organise other electronic devices in the kitchen. There are so many clever little gadgets out there. Homify has scoured the world for these clever kitchen gadgets for inspiration and ideas.

Modern Herbs

In todays modern fast paced society many processed foods has been created to save time. Many foods that were once prepared fresh are now available in tins, dried on the shelves or frozen. This certainly saves on time spent in preparation, but does it allow for the best quality ingredients? Herbs are one ingredient that is often used in their dried state. Many dried herbs are preferred over the fresh variety, although there are some herbs that should only be used in their natural fresh form. It is easy to introduce fresh herbs to the kitchen. Use small pots and place them near windows to allow plenty of sunlight. This not only allows the use of amazing fresh herbs in meals, but also adds extra dimension to the kitchen, bringing the outdoors indoors.

Art Deco Scales

Whether you are a veteran cook or a first time baker it is sometimes necessary to follow a recipe. A recipe is simply a map of how to get from where you are to the amazing recipe pictured in the cook books. One of the most important aspects of following a recipe is the use of carefully measured ingredients. To include the incorrect measurement of ingredients in some recipes can mean a disaster. It can turn a soufflé into a rock cake or pancakes into door stops. This attractive and high quality set of scales is a wonderful addition to any kitchen.  They are made in Germany by Krups. The style is based on a traditional set of scales, with a tray above the scale face. With these scales in your possession the cook's potential is unlimited.  These amazing scales would be a great addition to any kitchen style from industrial to modern.

Solid Slicer

Slicer sono 5 - Made in Germany ritterwerk GmbH KitchenElectronics
ritterwerk GmbH

Slicer sono 5—Made in Germany

ritterwerk GmbH

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the festive season is the opportunity to spend time with family and loved ones. This can be quite a large group for some people. When thinking about providing food for such a large group, this thought can be quite intimidating. The preparation alone can take many hours, if not many days. Much of this preparation time is taken up by cutting and chopping ingredients. This clever gadget can take much of the work out of preparing a large amount of food.  Whatever needs to be cut, chopped or sliced this amazing machine is up to the job. Use it to cut bread, vegetables, fruit or meat. With this help in the kitchen, preparation time will be halved, allowing less time in the kitchen and more time entertaining. 

Pop-up Power

Evoline pop up socket Harvey's Select KitchenElectronics
Harvey's Select

Evoline pop up socket

Harvey's Select

During the festive season, there is much to be prepared and organised. The kitchen is one of the busiest places. There are people making meals and preparing food for the festival. There is often food, people and equipment all over the place. One way to enable some aspect of order and therefore sanity to the kitchen is to be able to reduce the clutter. This clever device can do this. This pop-op power socket can be activated during busy times to allow for several sockets for any electrical devices required in the kitchen. This then eliminates the messy spaghetti of cords in the kitchen.  When not in use this clever item can be retracted into the bench top, allowing for a clutter free kitchen bench. This is a great way to give any kitchen a sense of order, whilst still maintaining the sleek modern look

Kitchen Style

One of the best things about being an adult, and having your own space, is being able to invite friends into your house. It is a wonderful opportunity to share your time, your house and some of you most favourite things with the people you love. This bright, colourful and stylish tea set is a great thing to share with friends. Invite your friends over to the house for a cup of tea, then bring out this amazing set to a chorus of ‘oohh’ and ‘ahh’s.  Then sit and enjoy a wonderful cup of tea with pride. This set could fit into the retro, vintage, or modern style, although it would suit any style kitchen.  This tea set is made by Yota Kakuda Design of Tokyo, Japan.

Have it Handy

During the preparation time for the main meal of the festive season, when the kitchen is busy with people, food and equipment. The broth on the stove top needs to be stirred, but there is no spoon handy. The kitchen is in chaos. One way to ensure that this does not happen in a kitchen is to ensure the items that are used frequently are in easy reach of the cook. This handy and clever item is a great way to achieve this. This wall trellis can be stocked up with all the most frequently used items. It then allows these items to be within easy access whenever they are required. In this way, when the chaos of the festive season decends upon us, and the house is in chaos, there is always a soup ladle or a wooden spoon within easy reach.

Organised Kitchen

One of the important elements of any organised home is for everything to have a home. In this way there is always a place to put something when it is not in use, and you will always know where to find it should the need arise. This is especially true of the kitchen. The kitchen contains so many small, yet essential items, it is important that they be accessible at any time. One way to facilitate this is with this paper towel shelf. This wonderful item provides a easily accessible place to store commonly used items of the kitchen; paper towel, tea towels, aprons, and spices. The design of this piece is particularly clever, allowing for the cook to access the paper towel without removing it from the holder, thus adding another dimension of practicality to the item. This smart item was made by Kramsen of Germany.

Simple Solutions

Some of the most basic items in a kitchen can often be the most necessary. The simple cutting board, a knife or a tea towel are essential for a well run kitchen. Another such item is the egg cup. The simple and often overlooked eggcup is an item that is essential in any basic kitchen. Whether it is a busy work morning, or a lazy Sunday morning, a simple boiled egg is a health and quick breakfast. When it is ready there is the problem of how to consume this hot and seemingly unpractical item. These simple and very stylish eggcups are the obvious solution. Place the hot eggs in the eggcups and enjoy your breakfast. These are definitely an essential item for any kitchen.

Breakfast Delight

The weekend is a wonderful time to spend with the one that you love. The pressures of the work day have gone, leaving time for you to relax and enjoy what you like doing. The best way to start such a day is with breakfast in bed. With this stunning coffee set you will feel more like a king or queen of the castle. The modern silver coffee pot is certainly the hero of this set. This fantastic coffee set consists of this amazing coffee pot and matching sugar bowl with two cup and saucers. Presented with this coffee set on a Sunday morning would certainly make the start of a perfect day.

The festive season is fast approaching. This means time spent with family and friends. It also means making and enjoying our favourite foods that we have waited all year for. This can sometimes mean many hours spent in the kitchen preparing. This can sometimes be daunting for some people. There are now some clever devices and gadgets that can streamline many of the tiresome chores. These are just a handful of the gadgets that are around that means less time preparing in the kitchen and more time enjoying the company of family and friends. For more ideas see Practical KitchenAccessories.

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