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Today most kitchens have modular cabinets that are designed to be attached either above or below the counter and are made of a large variety of materials like wood, PVC, melamine and stainless steel. Depending on the budget and comfort level of owners these cabinets are provided with varied door styles and finishes. As cabinets play a significant role in kitchen budget and layout these have to be selected carefully to maintain harmony in the region. 

Here are a few creative kitchen cabinets designed by professionals at Homify that can be adapted to suit different kitchen styles.

1. Charming wood stains

Stains on wooden surfaces are a great way to get kitchen cabinetry noticed without covering up the wood's beauty with colors and designs. The light wooden cabinets with varying dark stains against the dark granite counter enhance the elegance of this modern kitchen.

2. Beautiful PVC cabinets

Common problem with cabinets whether they are located in kitchen or bathroom are termites and rot due to excess moisture and heat over a period of time. PVC comes to the rescue of house-owners looking for a budget solution to plan their kitchen cabinets that is waterproof and moisture proof.  The cabinet layout here is charming as it is available in varied designs with glossy surfaces that look extremely presentable against lovely tiles in the kitchen.

3. Stone kissed cabinets

If you are a lover of natural stone and the wonderful textures and colors that are available on them then this cabinet design could belong to your dream kitchen. Though natural stone cannot be used on cabinet surfaces, vinyl and laminates available in those colors can be used for creating a kitchen that is both classy and dramatic. Though the kitchen is covered from floor to ceiling with cabinets of varied sizes and designs the region is bright and welcoming largely due to the stone-like surfaces.

4. Combination of designs and sizes

The most riveting factor of this mid-sized kitchen besides the lovely colors of teal and white is the thoughtfully planned layout of horizontal drawers with vertical doors and open shelves below the counter. The kitchen planner has rightly combined cabinet styles to allow owner to stack all large and small objects within respective places and avoid cluttering the small counter.

5. Lively and bright

Eclectic combination of red and white colors make an enchanting partnership with silver in this stylish kitchen that has everything one can dream of in a cooking area. To maintain a synchronized effect cabinets below the counter have been carefully designed in red and white while the ones above have glazed glass surfaces. The large central glass cabinet for glassware is the chief piece of attraction here along with the shiny silver back-splash.

6. Beauty of stainless steel

Though a little expensive, stainless steel cabinets are easy to maintain and have a longer lifespan than standard wooden cabinets. The sparkling stainless steel cabinets   with white marble counter make a stylish combination to create a true industrial style kitchen.

7. Be adventurous to try mixed colors

A small U shaped kitchen looks charming with modular cabinets in solid colors with sandstone counter. The top cabinets are in white for creating an illusion of space and retain brightness in the small kitchen.

8. Beauty of patterns

Why stick to standard solid colors and bland surfaces when there are plenty of other options available in the market? Beautiful patterns in bright colors combined with flip-up doors, pull out racks and corner drawers can make your cabinets more functional and your kitchen a delightful place to work in.

9. Classy touch of white laminated cabinets

Whoever said that white cabinets are bland should check out this delightful Scandinavian style kitchen here where, even the furniture and background are white. Laminated cabinets above and below the counter against the white walls appear like sculpted elements that  enhance the rich grains of the polished wooden floor.

10. Vintage distressed cabinets

Like the appearance of distressed cabinets from bygone area with ornate metal handles then vintage cabinets are the best choice. Traditional white wooden cabinets and ornate steel handles bring a charming glow to this classic style kitchen.

11 .Frosted glass cabinet

This grey kitchen with customized laminated surfaces has a glossy feel to it that is enhanced by the frosted glass cabinets above the counter. In all a classy workplace with expansive region to make cooking a pleasure.

12. Arched doors glass cabinets

Why not give the good old wooden kitchen cabinets a stylish makeover with an arched door? These give a striking look to the cabinets and glass front saves trouble of opening cabinets to search for objects. An eclectic combination of style and substance that is likely to be appreciated by all. 

With the cabinets in place let us explore Great ideas to get everything organized in your kitchen.

Which cabinet design did you like best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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