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Fantastic Reading Corners For Every Mood

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After a long week working it is always a treat to unwind on the weekends. Weekends offer the much needed time to relax, or ‘me time’. What better way to enjoy this time than with a comfortable chair and a good book? The only problem is where to escape the chaos of the household to enjoy a quiet read? A quiet reading corner is the best option. If you don’t have such an area, it is easy to create. To design a peaceful reading corner you need three things; a cosy chair, a table and a source of light. Reading corners can be created in a cosy country cottage, an eclectic industrial house or a minimalist apartment.  Whatever style the space is, there is bound to be a corner that will suit your mood. homify has found these amazing reading corners for inspiration.

The Outdoor Reading Space

It is a wonderful idea to be able to read a book in the sun outdoors. This is not always possible due to the weather, or the environment. This space is a wonderful compromise between the outdoors and the indoors. The space is situated on the covered back sunroom area of the house. There is a fireplace located in the corner of the space. This immediately creates a sense of warmth and cosiness. One whole side of the room is windows. This allows a plenty of natural light to inspire concentration. There are two sofas in the space. They are in a neutral colour, to match the rest of the space. The sofas are comfortable and inviting. One can imagine sitting by this fireplace with a good book watching the storms approaching through the large windows, with the warmth of the fireplace at your feet. 

The Sunny Side

There is nothing like the sun to warm the soul on a winters day. This is even better when combined with a good book and a comfortable chair. This is exactly what this reading spot provides to the avid reader. This amazing reading corner is a perfect place to relax and read a favourite book. It has a wonderfully stylish and incredibly comfortable chair. Reclining in this chair, with the sun streaming in the window behind you providing warmth and light is the ideal situation. This wonderful space is based on an eclectic style. It has both modern furniture with retro lights and a touch of nature from the indoor plants. The colours in this space are based on an earthy palate of browns, whites and green. This is a great example of a warm, natural reading corner.

Traditional Reading Corner

Whatever type of books you enjoy reading, it is important that you find a quiet, comfortable place to read them. This reading corner is a good example. This space is based on a traditional style, consisting of an arm chair, a foot stool, a reading lamp, a table and some shelves. These items are all in the style of an era long gone. Imagine sitting in this space reading a captivating Agatha Christie novel. These 1950s style pieces work together very well to create a quiet, comfortable space for reading. The window behind the arm chair provides a wonderful source of light during the day.  While the white curtains soften this light giving the space a cosy atmosphere. This room is a wonderful space as it is both functional as a reading corner and attractive as a stylish part of a larger design. 

Cosy Reading Space

Nothing says ‘cosy’ like the warmth and atmosphere created by an open fireplace. This room demonstrates this well. The fireplace is situated in the centre of this imposingly enormous room. The flames of the fire create a warm, cosy and calm atmosphere. This is just the type of atmosphere that is ideal for a reading space. The two chairs placed in front of the fireplace invite you to sit and read. The huge floor to ceiling windows next to them provide all the light needed to read. This grand room seems to be more of a medieval castle than a house. When one sits at these chairs to read ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ one must feel more like a princess than a person reading a book at home. For fireplace inspiration see FivewaysFires and Stoves.

Retro Dream

To find a comfortable space in which to read a favourite book is a rare occurrence. There are so often disruptions and distractions that break the magic of a book. This space seems to exude the peace, quiet and comfort that characterises a great reading corner. This space has all the essential elements of a reading corner. The comfortable chair is both functional in its soft, cosy appearance and stylish, with its retro form. The lamp is a wonderful addition. It has a retro design, with its curved stand appearing more like a bird peering over the reader than a light casting light onto a book. The colour palate is a wonderful pink and grey. These colours create a sense of calm, comfort and security. For more armchair ideas see Country Sofas and Armchairs.

Tropical Serenity

They say that spending time outdoors, amongst the plants and the fresh air has health benefits. It is linked with lower stress levels and improved concentration. This is exactly what is needed to be able to read and therefore, truly appreciate a book. This reading corner is an excellent place in which to read and enjoy a book. The space has the essential elements of a comfortable seat, a source of light and a small table. The comfortable seat is a wonderful retro styled couch. It is combined with a stylish cushion to make it an appealing and cosy feature. The space has both natural light from a huge window onto a stunning garden, and a small lamp next to the couch. The table next to the lamp provides a perfect place for the resting book and for any hot beverages. This is an excellent example of a wonderful reading corner.

Bay Window Seat

Bay Window William Morris Sill length Curtains WAFFLE Design Windows & doors Curtains & drapes

Bay Window William Morris Sill length Curtains


A bay window is a stunning addition to any house. It is an interesting and stylish feature from the outside and the inside of the house. The wrap around windows provide a small corner in which to view the outside world. It can also provide a small pocket sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the house. If the bay window has a seat, then this provides the perfect position for reading. This bay window illustrates this well. This bay window has the potential to be a great reading corner. It has the comfortable seat and ample natural light for reading.  Consider enhancing the appeal of this seat by using a variety of pillows to create a cosy, comfortable atmosphere.

At the end of a long, busy week it is a wonderful pastime to sit in a cosy corner and escape into the pages of a book. A private, cosy reading corner is a great addition to any house, and it is not difficult to create. A reading corner can be designed from any quiet, unused corner, all you need is a comfortable chair, a source of light and a small table. Be creative and bold with the reading corner design. This is a place to relax and unwind. For more inspiration see Creating the Perfect Reading Area.

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