6 ideas for a stylish rustic home

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Rustic technically means anything belonging to or reminding one of the countryside, anything that has a natural beauty to it. The best kind of homes are often those which are simple and natural, the ones which have an uncomplicated wooden beauty to them. They are the perfect balance of sturdiness and simplicity. But just because they are sturdy doesn't mean they can't be stylish. Here are 6 ideas to bring a stylish rustic touch to your home.

Wooden stairs

Wooden floors are a good way to add a countryside feel to a home, but a stylish rustic idea is to incorporate wooden stairs instead. The more tree like or natural these wooden steps, the more charmingly rustic they will look. Using sturdy tree branches as steps for a stairway is one good way to create stylish wooden stairs.

Wooden furniture with faded paint finish

While wooden furniture is found everywhere what sets rustic wooden furniutre apart is often a faded paint finish to them. Be it the intricately carved wooden headboard of the bed here or a round coffee table in the corner of a room, a touch of light coloured paint with a deliberate faded feel to it can add a rustic yet stylish touch to any room. Here's a more traditional rustic wooden bed.

Wooden elements in the bathroom

People often avoid wooden fixtures in the bathroom as they are difficult to maintain. But wooden elements in a bathroom lends a home a definite rustic feel. If one can deal with maintaining it, wood can be used in a stylish way along the sides of a bathtub or shower door, the ceiling, floor and as shelves in a bathroom to give it a beautiful rustic makeover.

Unpainted brick walls

Brick walls are a classic rustic touch that one can easily add to any home. An unpainted brick wall in a room is a stylish rustic twist to a regular wall that will turn it into the centre of attention in that room. Alternately leaving all the walls of a room unpainted and exposing the rugged bricks underneath like the room here designed by ARCHITETTO SILVIA GIACOBAZZI can be a more bolder move.

Colourful Mediterranean tiles

Another stylish way to add a rustic touch to any home is tiles. But not just any kind of tiles. Bright, colourful tiles with intricate patterns in a Mediterranean style are the ones that reinforce the rustic theme of sun kissed country homes by a beach or river best. Be it in the kitchen or the bathroom, bright tiles in shades of yellow, blue and brown carry a country charm like no other tiles.

Wooden log furniture

The word rustic also reminds one of trees and the natural beauty of a hillside. Those who love the serene beauty of the hills can add a piece of furniture to their home which is shaped like a log of wood. This coffee table designed by HELÔ MARQUES ASSOCIADOS fashioned out of half a log of wood with a glass inserted in the centre is a classic example of that.

Here are some pure white bedrooms with a hint of rustic charm.

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