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12 pictures of carpets for you to be inspired

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
Dhruva Samal & Associates Colonial style living room
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The style of your home is a representation of yourself- your style, taste, fashion and personality is reflected and illuminated by your choice of design elements. The flooring of your home is just as important and if you're looking to add decor to the floor, carpets care a great way to start. This post covers 12 pictures of carpets that you can experiment with in the living room, or sitting room to bring life and light to the flooring of your home.

1. A carpet with intricate designing

This large carpet completes the look of this living room with its sheer elegance. The dimensions of it are in sync with that of the false ceiling. Low lying furniture highlights the living room while the larger than life drapes are simply the icing on the cake.

2. ​A carpet to materialize a space

To add color and life to this living room a brightly printed carpet is made use of. The violet based carpet has a hexagonal pattern running across its length in an attempt to emulate a beehive. Flashes of blue, white and yellow bring more life to the area as standby furniture complements the carpet.

3. Carpets of fluff for the living room

Studio Apartment Core Design Modern living room Wood-Plastic Composite Red
Core Design

Studio Apartment

Core Design

Mauve and shades close to it make for a lovely patterned carpet as this image demonstrates. The carpet has a layer of fur atop it which makes for a comfortable sit. Floral designs are accompanied by decor that completes this living room.

4. A carpet that highlights the furniture

Choudhary Residence, Juhu, Mumbai Inscape Designers Eclectic style living room
Inscape Designers

Choudhary Residence, Juhu, Mumbai

Inscape Designers

Fantastic geometric prints inscribe themselves on this magnificent carpet. The carpet plays with black, white and grey tones that keep up with the theme of the furniture in the room. A low lying center table rests on the carpet.

5. A carpet that looks wonderful

When it comes to carpeting, flint gray is a unique color to experiment with. A nylon carpet in the shade lends softness and style to the modern living room. Compared to other types of carpet materials such as wool or polyester, nylon is a favorite because of its low maintenance tag.

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6. A carpet for the center table

The best carpet material happens to be wool, though it comes at a cost. It's natural, durable, soft and eco-friendly. This living room makes use of a woolen brown carpet which rests majestically below the center table of the sitting room.

7. A carpet to delimit space

Bold motifs collaborate to give rise to this lovely carpet. Bordered in black with white tufts to complete the final run- the carpet hosts brilliant color combinations and designs. Ideal for wooden flooring, the carpet seems to find respite in the similarly patterned center table.

8. A small but colorful carpet

The dimensions of this carpet is such that borders the center table. A bright palette of colors interweave giving rise to this simple albeit unique design. The tufts of carpet end in colorful threads that give the carpet both a horizontal and vertical effect.

9. Several carpets to delimit spaces

Butterfly Fields Nuvo Designs Rustic style living room
Nuvo Designs

Butterfly Fields

Nuvo Designs

In this very large room,  four different carpets to materialize the two spaces have been chosen. Each carpet responds to the colors of the furniture that welcomes it to create a harmonious ensemble which is definitely something you should try.

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10. A carpet to delimit the living room

Interiors with Ultra Modern Designs Premdas Krishna Modern living room
Premdas Krishna

Interiors with Ultra Modern Designs

Premdas Krishna

Geometric prints are an interesting pattern to experiment with and work with just about any combination of colors. The best one, however, is the classic take on black and white which is so perfectly complemented by the furniture in this sitting area.

​11. A circular carpet for the sitting area

Fabien Charuau - Architectural and Interiors Photography - Recent Projects Fabien Charuau Photography Modern living room
Fabien Charuau Photography

Fabien Charuau—Architectural and Interiors Photography—Recent Projects

Fabien Charuau Photography

Circular carpets or mats add a charm of their own as does this one as it encircles the circular center table! The velvet surface comes in a violet hue which is both attractive and in sync with the decor chosen for the sitting area.

12. A carpet that accentuates the furniture




Befriend a designer carpet that is as royal as the setting of this room, and let the results speak for themselves! Ivory is a lovely hue for any room so be sure to experiment with it!

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