6 Colourful dining areas with a difference

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The dining area is one of the few places at home which brings the entire family together. It should be a bright and happy spot. So why not spice up the dull wooden, steel or glass furniture with some splashes of colour? Whether it's all out colourful or a more subtle touch of colour, one can colour up their dining space in many ways. Here are 6 ideas to introduce some colour in your dining area.

Bold dash of a colour

Those who are looking to introduce some colour in their dining area without going over the top can opt for a bold dash of colour in the form of colourful chairs or a colourful dining table. Don't opt for a complete dining set in a bright colour because that will look garish. A bright set of dining chairs like the eye catching green one's here designed by LOPEZ-FOTODESIGN, tempered by a wooden or glass table is the perfect way to introduce a healthy doze of colour in the dining area.

Subtle pinch of a colour

Those who aren't comfortable with a bold dash of colour and want something more understated can still add a subtle pinch of colour to their dining room with a light coloured upholstery or entirely light coloured chairs. The powder blue plastic chairs with wooden legs here are a perfect example of how to introduce a mild touch of colour in a sophisticated dining area.

Dual colour dining

Why stick to just one colour? For the ones with the nerve to experiment a dual colour dining area will be the perfect thing to try out. Choose two bright colours and balance them out with white or cream in the dining area. This blue-green dining area shows exactly how to do that. The two toned blue stripes on the wall are tempered by a white background and ceiling. While the blue upholstery of the chairs and the bright green pots are balanced out by the white wooden table and white frame of the chairs.

Multicolour dining

A multi colour dining room might just be a dream come true for the really wild ones who love to un-blend with the crowd. Apart from multicoloured chairs made of wood or plastic or just multicoloured upholstery, one can also opt for a bright multicoloured painting to break the monotony. One can further rev things up by adding other colourful accessories to the dining area.

Contrast colouring

A good way to introduce colour yet keep things classy is to do contrast colouring. There should be a sharp contrast between bright colours and a neutral colour in the dining room for this to work. The dining area here perfectly demonstrates how to do that. The bright green and yellow chairs, sunny yellow lamp and curtains and a unmissable red arm chair here are evened out by the pure white ceiling, walls and rug.

Mismatched chairs

Mismatched chairs are a great way to colour up a dining area without changing everything in the dining room. A bunch of colourful chairs made of plastic or a set of colourful wooden chairs can easily colour up even the most dull dining room. In fact the colours will pop out better against a darker decor theme.

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