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6 bedhead designs for every home

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The use of bedheads or headboards on a bed has gained popularity in recent times. Historically headboards were used only to keep drafts from the sleeping occupants. More recently they have been used as an aesthetic feature of a bedroom. As the bed is often the central focus point of a room, it seems logical that it is the bedhead that is the feature. Invest some time into choosing the best bedhead for the space. Consider the size of the room, the height of the ceiling and the style and colour palate of the design. The bedhead can be seen as a purely design feature of the room, or it can have a function, as a bookshelf or as a place to put a light. There are so many designs, sizes and materials used to create wonderful headboards today. Homify has found 8 great headboards to inspire the design genius.

Elegant headboard

Muebles Mia MUEBLES MIA BedroomBeds & headboards

Muebles Mia


It is important to consider the size and height of a room when choosing a headboard for a bed. If the ceiling is low and the room is small the bed will appear cramped. For bedrooms with high ceilings and plenty of space, a large headboard is ideal. This bed and headboard are a great example. This elegant and stylish headboard fits perfectly in this large space. The upholstered texture gives it an extra dimension of class and style. The colour palate of the bed reflects that of the room, based on a neutral white and the rich, warm tones of dark timber. The decorative timber ends on the headboard are a delight, giving in the appearance of extra height. Don't be afraid to add height to a headboard in a larger room.

Natural timber headboard

A bed is a cosy sanctuary that we retire to at the end of a busy day. It should be a place that we feel safe and secure, and a space that represents our tastes. If you like the idea of falling asleep amongst the natural elements of a forest, this headboard is for you. This amazing natural reclaimed timber bed is as close to mother nature you will get. The warm tones of the timber combine perfectly with the cool blue of the sheets and pillows. The large headboard accentuates the size and presence of the bed in the room, defining it as the centrepiece. It almost calls one into the room, promising a peaceful and restful slumber.

The musical headboard

It is always the intention of the designer to create an atmosphere in a house that best represents the people who live there, to best reflect the tastes and requirements of the residents and their guests. This bed would suit perfectly the home of a music lover.  The headboard is created with the musician in mind. The stunning all white metal headboard comes complete with musical notes, perhaps to bring the tones of a soundtrack to our dreams. This headboard is matched perfectly with the white bedside tables and the white cushions. These are contrasted with grey and light golden bed linen to create an almost heavenly atmosphere. The two side lamps create the finishing touches in this room, flooding it in a wonderful white glow.  This amazing headboard and bed is made by Ventaexlusiva of Spain.

The traditional headboard

In days gone by the bedroom was known as simply a room to sleep. The items and furniture found in the bedroom were always at a minimum. The way to personalise such a space was to introduce details into the  bed and linen. This is a great example of how a bed was decorated with traditional details to reflect the personality of the resident. The large headboard is made from beautiful timber, carved in the traditional style. This bed and headboard is finished in the colours of the day, a traditional dusty pink. The huge headboard is stunning. It reflects the traditional use of these items, as a means to prevent drafts reaching the residents. This can be seen in the design elements such as the over hang of the headboard and the curtains that can be used to protect the sleeper from drafts. This modern use of a traditional bedroom design is a wonderful way to travel back in time, every night. 

The grand headboard

The choice of a bed for the bedroom is always a big decision. This decision will influence the choices made for the rest of the bedroom. It has the potential to bring a range of different influences together, but can also make conflicts within the design more apparent. This bedroom illustrates how the choice of this bed and headboard influenced the entire bedroom design. This bed and headboard is in a traditional Victorian style. The bed is an elaborate design in a neutral white. The other furniture has therefore mirrored this design choice, being also a decorative neutral white. The unusual element of this headboard, is the inclusion of a the matching footboard. The choice of a footboard and headboard is becoming increasingly popular. It creates an extra element of cosiness and security in a bedroom. 

The colourful headboard

Muebles Mia MUEBLES MIA BedroomBeds & headboards

Muebles Mia


The headboard of a bed is the focus point for not only the bed, but also the room. Including a new design or focus in the headboard is a great way to introduce a new theme or colour to the entire room. This bedroom is a great example. The colour palate of this bedroom is based on neutral whites and greys. The inclusion of the bright purple headboard introduces a new and exciting element into the design. This bright purple colour is accentuated by the contrasting neutral tones of the room. This splash of colour can then be reflected in other items in the room. Try reflecting this colour in a rug on the floor, or on a picture on the wall. This design was made by Muebles Mia of Spain.

The princess headboard

For many people the bedroom is a place where they can really apply their personal tastes in the design. It is their own personal oasis to relax and call their own. This bedroom design represents one such  personal oasis. This bedroom appears to belong to a princess. The gorgeous pink theme runs through the entire room. The main focus is however the stunning pink headboard. This huge headboard dwarfs the visitor, looking down upon us. The neutral bed linen and white of the curtains at the end of the bed make the colourful splashes of colour in the pillows and headboard stand out. The bed and headboard are definitely the point of focus in this room. Don’t be afraid to add a personal touch to a bedroom design with a creative and artistic headboard.

The glamorous headboard

'Azzurra' Hand made wrought iron Italian bed by Cosatto homify BedroomBeds & headboards Iron/Steel Multicolored

'Azzurra' Hand made wrought iron Italian bed by Cosatto


Some of the most impressive designs have been created by the combination of new designs with traditional methods. This is the case with this bed. This amazing bed has been created using classic Italian wrought iron materials and techniques. It is however an amazing modern design. The swirling, circular patterned headboard and footboard are stunning. The design brings a lightness and space to a material that is best known for its weight and strength. The colours in this room are dominated by the neutral greys, whites and blacks. Try creating a point of focus in this space with colour or patterns. Include a bright rug on the floor, a bold painting or a warm quilt.

The inclusion of a headboard onto a bed can completely transform the design of a bedroom. It is important that the right headboard is chosen for the room. Consider the existing design, colours and the size and height of a room. A well chosen and placed headboard can turn an average design into a stunning space, and a welcoming place to sleep. These are just a few headboard ideas. For more inspiration see Mille Couleurs London.

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