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8 ideas to place your refrigerator in small homes

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It is not always easy to decide where you should place the refrigerator as it often requires a quantum amount of space and proper positioning. With the shrinking size of the kitchens it is often a difficult task. So have a look at some bright ideas for placing the fridge in your small home and tell us if you like the ideas of our kitchen planners

Well preserved

kitchen - breakfast counter by Uncut Design Lab Asian
Uncut Design Lab

kitchen—breakfast counter

Uncut Design Lab

A fridge should always be close vicinity with the kitchen and dining area so that all the materials, fruits, vegetables and cold water is accessible while cooking or eating. 

Installing storage area around the fridge

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To save space in a small kitchen, consider using the area around the refrigerator as storage area. This can be done by placing a shelf to store the dishes that you use regularly or that of high storage items, which will allow you to store the utensils you rarely use but that take up space.

An immaculate fridge

If your kitchen is white and you want to retain a sleek design, choose a model in the same color as your kitchen elements, which you will install between two storage spaces. 

Put the device in a closet

Residential - Gamadia Road Tropical style kitchen by Nitido Interior design Tropical Wood Wood effect
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Residential—Gamadia Road

Nitido Interior design

Here is a rather unusual but nevertheless very practical way to gain space in a small kitchen. Install your fridge in one of your downstairs kitchen cupboards. When the door is closed, your guests will not even know where your refrigerator is!

Save space in a studio

If your kitchen is narrow or you live in a studio , the refrigerator can be a real problem. Swap the classic models for a mini version, which you can embed under a sink or worktop, for more ergonomics.

Opting for a family model

To prevent the refrigerator from overloading your kitchen, choose a two door or three-door model, which will require less space on opening the door. Modern and design, it will be perfect to intersect a work plan.

A visual separation

You can also place your refrigerator right next to the door so that you need not to walk inside the kitchen entirely to access the stuff.

At the intersection

In a kitchen, if you do not want your refrigerator is built into your storage units, so it should act as separation from the living room, or hallway, or your dining area. Upon reaching the kitchen, it will be hard to notice. 

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Placing fridge in kitchen—Don’t forget about accessibility

Modular kitchen- Utilizing the space with best concepts Modern kitchen by Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio Modern
Rhythm  And Emphasis Design Studio

Modular kitchen- Utilizing the space with best concepts

Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio

When planning the position of the fridge in your kitchen, keep in mind the need for accessibility. You will need to get things from it when you are preparing meals. The ideal position for the kitchen fridge would be next to a counter so that you have space to place things that you take out of it. It should also be close enough to the kitchen sink so that you can easily wash fruits or vegetables or even leaking jars without having to carry them across the kitchen. In an open plan layout, the kitchen refrigerator should be positioned in a spot where you can access it conveniently from the dining room or the kitchen so that you can get drinks for guests, water during meals or ingredients for meal prep.

Here are some amazing kitchen designs to inspire you.

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