15 pictures of kitchen interiors for you to copy!

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Need Kitchen  ideas? Let's get started!  The simple kitchen usually has a large wall and allows to use the space in front of it to install the kitchen furniture. The L-shaped kitchen, which is built around an angle or a corner, offers optimal space for the furniture arrangement. Finally, the U shaped kitchens, which surround the room on three sides and which allows to have everything in the kitchen handy.

Let us have a look at some of the latest kitchen interiors from our kitchen planners

1. Beautiful and multifunctional

Kitchen designers and designers say that in recent years one of the most common demands of their customers was to create a multi-purpose space for cooking, eating, spending time with family or friends and even helping their children with homework. Thus, try to keep the floor space empty to serve the purpose.

2. Stick to the latest fashion

Neutral tones are a forever hit among house owners but do not hesitate trying something new. The walls, the flooring style, the cabinet selection of this kitchen is jaw dropping and ultimately inspirational.

3. Neat and clean is the way to go!

Afterall, who does not wants to have a neat, clear, sophisticated and easier to maintain kind of kitchen. We loved how the walls have been designed and the matching cabinet doors are installed. 

4. The island in center and the metallic decor

Very often, in the center of this kitchen—new and modern—there is a central island , furniture that has become classic in French houses and very popular for its versatility. From an aesthetic point of view, the island can delimit the space of an open kitchen without cutting it entirely, which is convenient for those who enjoy exchanges during the preparation of meals.

5. The ceramics are awesome!

A spacious kitchen with lovely prints over ceramics, beautifully painted open tack and a well defined storage section- looks like a chef's dream come true.

6. Narrow it down

Small space kitchen no more need to be done in ultimate white or lighter shades. Use bold colors to draw the attention away from limited space.

7. Glass cabinets and colored ceilings

It is 2017 and it definitely, has brought a lot of beautiful changes in the home decor styling. Colored ceilings for kitchen are one of them.

8. Wood and metal

We are literally drawn by the beauty of this wood and metal combination. Furthermore, the ceiling lighting is what makes the kitchen look like a 5 star hotel cooking area. 

9. Greys and whites

Grey and white combination with meshed windows and nothing complicated, you will definitely keep this one in your inspiration list. 

10. Neutral tones

Choose between kitchens in natural materials and colors more neutral and those with lacquered finish or in bright colors.

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11. Original and approachable

A design for the mid budget people who want functionality to be a priority over the aesthetic and space. Cook in comfort!

12. Over the top decor

If being bold and extraordinary is your thing than black decor for your kitchen, paired with golden lights is definitely the best pick.

13. Metals are in!

Metallic drawers and cabinets are a big hit this season. They are little bit costly but the end results are worth the investment.

14. Open style kitchen with its limits

The best way to organize your small kitchen space. Use large glass windows and bright shades paints to voluminize the area. 

15. Black and white checks

Wooden cabinets, island in center, racks on top of it, black flooring and white and black checks is all that sums up this practical kitchen area. 

What is your idea of a perfect kitchen?

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