15 pictures of dining rooms to inspire you!

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The dining room, when designed well, sets the perfect ambiance for a proper meal and is a hub of family gatherings. That is why, homeowners ensure that the dining room is not left out when considering home decor ideas. Let us have a look at a compilation of dining room pictures today. We believe that these dining room images and professional advice will inspire to get the designer look in your lunch and dinner area.

1. Modern dining room

A modern style dining room requires nothing but the right combination of decor material, connectivity to the kitchen and functionality.

2. Redefine the royalty

Residential Apartment , S2A studio S2A studio Modern dining room
S2A studio

Residential Apartment

S2A studio

if your budget and house allows, you can integrate a royal living room and dining room together and differentiate between them with different lighting tones.. While chairs and tables are a must have for this setting!

Learn how to separate the dining and living room from here. 

3. Paintings, sceneries and curtains

Dining that extends into a lush Garden AAMRAPALI BHOGLE Classic style dining room Solid Wood Brown

Dining that extends into a lush Garden


To give a dramatic and interesting touch to dining room, you can use large sized paintings, curtains, or textured walls. 

4. More in less

A round table helps you to adjust more people in less space and all the energy is focused on the center while eating. 

5. In the natural light

Natural lights and sights serve as the best accessory to any dining room. Place a beautiful small sized chandelier to make it look interesting. 

6. Rustic and natural

Feel like dining with nature and buy wooden chairs and tables that are well polished. 

7. Library cum dining room

This dining room serves two purposes. You can dine with family and when its free, come here and read some books in isolation. The piece is decorated with a palette of neutral and clear colors. And yet, the atmosphere is convivial because the room is not very large and the dining table (and its chairs) fills a large part of the room.

8. For the small and modern family

As the family size is getting compact, small dining spaces are getting popular. The traditional wall print and decor looks magnanimous. 

9. Within kitchen

dining room homify Modern dining room

dining room


Locate and design your dining room within close proximity to the kitchen so that everything can be accessed easily. Using comfortable and cushy chairs is a bright idea. 

10. Chic and contemporary

Dining Area homify Modern dining room

Dining Area


Here's a chic and contemporary dining idea. The clean lines and the simplicity of the decor are its best assets. Thanks to right choice of colors and accessory. Notice the additional chairs in black contrast placed on side. 

11. Minimalism

Ultra refined or even minimalist, the dining room design honors the furniture and the colors that make it up. The word minimalism is not a sign of coldness, on the contrary, it aims to constitute a sober, refined decor, which leaves only the essential.

12. Sofa set for dining

The dining room design space is not forced to furnish with an imposing dining table or several furniture around, but can be arranged with the presence of strong colors, pastel shades, a singular painting, or atypical luminaires. 

13. Simple and comfy

A medium size table with sleek chairs besides, this open dining room is worth following. These elements are enough to create a friendly atmosphere so that the design dining room become a dining area where one likes to meet up.

14. Mini is the new grand!

Samrath Paradise, IMAGE N SHAPE IMAGE N SHAPE Modern dining room

Samrath Paradise


A dining table, chairs or benches and a lighting that illuminates the whole. Here, no carpets and decoration accessories are accumulated and no other frills. It is based on simplicity, but sophisticated simplicity.

15. Round and classy

Dhiren Tharnani, IMAGE N SHAPE IMAGE N SHAPE Modern dining room

Dhiren Tharnani


You are passionate about the traditional style but do not have a huge dining room or a large family? Know that you can very well have a traditional dining room with only four chairs. The secret is to opt for a round table, and above all to choose furniture and a traditional style fixture.

Which dining table did you like best? Let us know in your comments below.

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