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15 pictures of wooden wadrobes for your home

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Wardrobes, these days, are as essential as the bed or sofa or any other furniture in the house. Wardrobes are usually made of wood and can be combined with other materials and its interior it can be divided with shelves, drawers and spaces, where to place clothing and accessories. The advantage of this type of furniture is that it can adapt to the rooms of any size and that can exploit the entire height of the environment.

Today, homify brings you a number of wardrobe style and design images for your house. Scroll down to see the compilation of trendy wardrobe design. 

1. In the form of decorative wall

Mittal Residence, Colaba, Mumbai : eclectic Bedroom by Inscape Designers
Inscape Designers

Mittal Residence, Colaba, Mumbai

Inscape Designers

Light wood wardrobe, that matches to the paint of the adjacent wall, looks glamorous yet very simple to be suitable for all kinds of houses. 

2. Contrast and Pure

3 BHK apartment interiors in rustic look theme : classic Bedroom by In Built Concepts
In Built Concepts

3 BHK apartment interiors in rustic look theme

In Built Concepts

A rustic shaded wooden cabinet matching to the bed and contrasting with the sophisticated interiors of the room successfully distinguishes itself and stands out. 

3. High and thin

Residential Apartment : modern Bedroom by S2A studio
S2A studio

Residential Apartment

S2A studio

If your room does not allows you to have wide line of wardrobe, you can get something like the one shown here. It takes up less space and is capable of storing a lot of clothes and items. 

4. Metallic hints

Residential Apartment : modern Bedroom by S2A studio
S2A studio

Residential Apartment

S2A studio

How about adding shine and gloss to your room and use metallic sheets over the door to create a beautiful outlook.. 

5. Printed wardrobe

Printed wardrobes are the big thing this season and they definitely, have the charm to be a must have for your home.

6. Classy vintage style

If royal looks in your room appeal you then opt for the classy vintage style of wardrobe. They are simple and provide a million bucks look to the room.

7. Bright and high

For rooms that lack interior decor and wall designs, a high and bright wardrobe can work as the attraction element that is not going to fade for years. 

8. Small sized

This one might remind you of your grandmother, who used to store her stuff in small cabinets. Yes, they still work the same and there is no rule that you cannot buy them!

9. Boy's wardrobe

Boys love car and superheroes, irrespective of their age. Therefore, a large colored wardrobe with checkered boxes and superhero or car prints is never going to be out of fashion for them.

10. Sophisticated and neat

Neat and sophisticated design for wardrobes have long prevailed the market and they are apt for guest rooms, bedrooms and houses that live on simplicity. 

11. Rosy-golden finish

A new shade and texture to try. Look at the long handles for each cupboard door. They look like an accessory while providing comfort of easy push and pull. 

12. Sliding doors

Also among the most popular variants of the cabinets with sliding doors , with modern and refined design, having no need space to open up, can also be inserted into narrow rooms, intelligently exploiting space.

13. Fine wood with large prints

The cabinets for attics constructed according to the inclination of the ceiling, with fine wood, lacquered or natural, are another viable alternative in order to have a decor that reflects their own stylistic ideas and rationalize spaces.

14. A bridge wardrobe

wardrobe & settee in master bedroom: modern Bedroom by Bluebell Interiors
Bluebell Interiors

wardrobe & settee in master bedroom

Bluebell Interiors

The bridge wardrobe customized is an obvious choice for narrow rooms, it allows you to save space to be allocated to other furniture or move, inserting a single wall of the bed and the closet.

15. Simple colorful cupboard for kids room

Victorian + Modern Contemporary: modern Bedroom by Premdas Krishna
Premdas Krishna

Victorian + Modern Contemporary

Premdas Krishna

A good alternative to have an exclusive cabinet is the designer cupboard , made of quality materials and that can maximize space even those that often remain unused. They are perfect for reinventing the environment and enhance it with a functional element.

Another example of simple cupboard for adult's room.

Mittal Residence, Colaba, Mumbai : eclectic Bedroom by Inscape Designers
Inscape Designers

Mittal Residence, Colaba, Mumbai

Inscape Designers

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