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10 cupboard design ideas for your home

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Cupboards are one of those things that you need in every room, but finding a suitable cupboard is not always easy. With a myriad of cupboard designs to choose from, it can be confusing and overwhelming to make a decision on a single piece of furniture to integrate into a particular room. Today at homify we've put together a selection of different styles of cupboard designs to help you decide what will suit your needs and wants better. 

The selection of cupboards we put together here include cupboards for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. There are also various different styles to choose from vintage, rustic, retro and industrial design cupboards. We have a cupboard for every room and taste picked out for you here so go ahead and get inspired! 

1. Vintage cupboard

The vintage cupboard pictured here would look great in an eclectic style living room or bedroom. As you can see the eclectic style here is composed from different styles, materials, textures and shapes. The result is a visually stimulating room which is bursting with personality. 

2. Classic kitchen island cupboard

If you've always dreamed of a kitchen island, this is your chance to finally integrate one into your kitchen. Pictured here we see a classic kitchen island cupboard serenading the old Victorian style kitchen. 

3. Modern mini bar cupboard

This modern mini bar cupboard will serve all your alcoholic needs and more! It hides it out of reach from children and even lights up when you open it! 

4. Shoe cupboard under the stairs

One of the best places for a shoe cupboard is under the stairs as it fits perfectly and it saves space by making use of unused areas. Also the random space under the stairs somehow seems like the perfect place for shoes doesn't it? 

5. Simple bathroom cupboard

Every bathroom needs a cupboard and this simple white bathroom cupboard with wooden highlights could be the one. Having a small cupboard in the bathroom can help to avoid clutter in the bathroom and keep it tidy. It's also a convenient space to store fresh towels and bath products. 

6. Moroccan style cupboard

This Moroccan style cupboard is for you if you're into ethnic designs or you're looking for something unique that's a bit unusual. This cupboard is not only functional but decorative as well, and it also has exposed display shelves allowing you to adorn it even further with aesthetics for the living room or bedroom. 

7. Retro cupboard with mirrors

The organic rounded shape of this unique cupboard is reminiscent of the curves and patterns of the 60s retro era. This retro cupboard with mirrors is not only funky, but practical as well and the mirrors can be used not only for vanity purposes but also to make the room look more spacious. 

8. Rustic cupboard

If you want to add some character to a space and the room already has some wooden elements in it, a rustic cupboard like the one pictured here may work quite well. Cupboards of this height are perfect for being used as a dressing table if you just hang a mirror on the wall above it.  

9. Plastic cupboards

If you don't really care about aesthetics, and just need a cheap cupboard for storage, check out some of the plastic cupboards available on homify. Pictured here we see a plastic cupboard composed of plastic crates of various shapes, sizes and colours. It would be perfect for a storage room don't you think? 

10. Industrial design style cupboard

Last but not least, we present you with an industrial design style cupboard in steel and resin. The chic cupboard gives the bedroom an edgy contemporary feel which is easy going and youthful. 

We hope you've found some suitable styles of cupboards for your taste and needs here. For more furniture ideas, have a look at how to create a comfortable TV area

Which cupboard do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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