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5 modern houses with plans for you to get ideas!

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Planning and constructing your own house is a very special moment in your life. It is something you will never forget and is a milestone that you and your family will treasure forever. No matter how long it takes for the dream to be realized, it is an enjoyable process since you are always eager to see the house take shape and wonder how it will turn out. With the help of the articles in our magazine, you can get ideas about what you need, the style that you like, and gather a list of elements that you aren’t sure about, for which you need professional guidance to get answers to your doubts.

On the Homify platform, you will find architects who can make your dreams come true. It is the responsibility of an architect to give you the best advice after analysing your requirements and coming up with a plan that suits your family and your budget. After that, once the land is prepared, you are ready to start the construction. Envisaging your dream house is not easy. To help you get inspired, we present five modern houses with their plans.

House 1: Ground floor plan

You can appreciate the design of this two-storey house. It’s quite compact with the social area on the ground floor planned as a large integrated space with the living room, dining room and kitchen in a single environment, but separated by furniture that is specific to each area. The staircase is set next to the kitchen, while an extra bedroom with its bathroom is tucked away behind the wall of the garage – it can be used as a maid’s room or by anyone who works for the family. At the entrance is a powder room for visitors.

First floor plan

The upstairs area holds the personal spaces. A large master bedroom has a dressing room, bathroom and sitting area integrated into it. There are two additional bedrooms that share a bathroom. The design takes advantage of spaces to create closets in the bedrooms and bathroom for storing clothes and linen.

This is how the rear façade looks!

Seen from the back, the house opens into the patio with glass walls that connect to the exterior. On the upper floor, vertical fixed wooden shutters help to maintain privacy in the bedrooms. The ground floor has a small covered terrace. Through the glass wall, you can see the staircase as well as the living room with its sliding doors that open out into the garden.

The interior: an integrated social area

As mentioned earlier, the ground floor has As mentioned earlier, the ground floor has the social area with the living room, dining room and kitchen in a single space. In this image, you can see the modernity of the décor and the furniture, which is comfortable and in neutral colours that enhance the spaciousness. At the back is the staircase that leads to the first floor.the social area with the living room, dining room and kitchen in a single space. In this image, you can see the modernity of the décor and the furniture, which is comfortable and in neutral colours that enhance the spaciousness. At the back is the staircase that leads to the first floor.

House 2: Plan of floor and ceiling

These two plans pertain to a single storey house – the interior plan and one with the roof in place. The social area has the living room, dining room and kitchen integrated. Additionally, there are four bedrooms with two bathrooms. It is a beach house with the most relevant element – a central garden with vegetation. When seen from above, the effect of the open space is more powerful.

This is the central courtyard

The house has a rustic style in terms of the materials with which it was built – natural, unpolished wood in the patio with spaces left for the trees, as we can see in this photo. The stone walls provide support for the large doors and sliding glass windows. The wooden deck is the special area in this house as different rooms connect to it through the doors and glass windows.

This is the interior with the social area

The large social area stands out in this modern beach house. The stone wall acts as the background with noticeable contrast presented by the glass doors that open into the inner courtyard. In this picture, you can see that everything in the project revolves around the deck that we saw in the previous photo. It’s a U-shaped design that attaches great importance to the open central space.

House 3: Single floor plan

This is a one-storey house with interior spaces that open into a small garden. It has a social area with a living room, dining room and kitchen, besides two bedrooms with bathrooms, a service area and above all, an external deck with a pool integrated into the roofed terrace area.

The rear façade with the pool

Built on a platform that rises from the ground, this pool deck is simple but complements the social area of the house. It’s a minimalist modern construction with an open design that links to the exterior through its rear façade. White dominates in the whole house with a splash of blue coming from the pool.

The interiors

This interior garden, which is central to the house is surrounded by glass walls. It serves as a green detail that refreshingly contrasts the neutral shades in the rest of the décor. The interior design is in tune with the style that we see on the outside. The advantage of the interior garden design, especially for the health of the plants, is that it is open at the roof, ready to receive natural light and fresh air. If you want to have a garden in the interior of your house, you must make sure that it gets sunlight for at least a few hours of the day.

House 4: Single floor plan

A fairly linear project, this house has a living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms with two bathrooms, plus the service area. In a plot like this with a narrow width, the designer is forced to resort to creating an elongated design. You can see in the photos how the house looks inside.

This is the interior – open and modern

As mentioned earlier, this is a linear project, since the ground does not have much width. The use of white on the walls, ceiling and floor achieves the effect of magnifying the space. The furniture contrasts with its dark upholstery. The table is placed in the centre of the dining room to provide a passage on both sides to the kitchen, which is at the far end.

This is how the bedroom looks

Following the same technique, white is used for the walls and ceiling. The bedroom is not very large, but it manages to leave space on either side of the bed for a side table and passage. The dark brown doors belong to the closet in the back wall of the room.

House 5: Entry level plan

On the ground floor, besides the garage and the garden, the house has an area dedicated to the social space with the living and dining room. The kitchen is in a separate room. An interesting detail is that the master bedroom, which includes a dressing room and bathroom, is located on this floor.

Lower level plan

On this floor, you’ll find two bedrooms with their dressing rooms and bathrooms, and a small gym next to the stairs. In addition, there’s an extra bedroom for the household staff. The project makes the most of the unevenness of the land to create the main access to the house from the upper floor, from where you come down to the lower floor that has most of the personal spaces of the house.

This is the front façade

At first glance, it looks like a house on one level, but the surprise is that it is the access to the ground level of the house. Due to the slope of the land, you need to go to the lower floor to see the rest of the project. The architect considered the suggestions of each family member to resolve the unevenness of the terrain, the solar orientation, the view of the city from the house… all these factors resulted in this interesting project.

This is how the interiors look

The décor has light colours chosen for the walls and furniture, while the carpets that partition spaces are in a darker neutral tone. Modern design is present in every detail – the furniture, lamps and accessories.

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