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How to create a comfortable TV area?

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Who doesn't just love to sit back, relax, and watch some TV once in a while? Many people do, but do you know how to create a comfortable place for the activity mentioned above? Having the latest model of flat screen TV is not all you need to enjoy some entertainment, you also need a comfortable area to sit down and watch the show as well. Creating a comfortable TV area in the living room is part of creating a home. 

Let's browse through some of the ideas featured here, and hopefully be inspired to improve our living spaces and our quality of life. 

Sofa with a television

Creating a comfortable TV area starts with the sofa. A big, comfy sofa with a soft covering just like the one in the picture is delightful when it comes to TV time. Depending on how many people live at home, adjust the size of the sofas and the type to suit the number of people, and the level of intimacy between the people. 

Regular sofas usually come suited to accommodate three to two people, while armchairs seat one person snugly. 

Stylish wall unit

Pictured here, we see a contemporary looking wall unit for the TV. As you can see, this wall unit is composed of a sliding door, so you can move the position of the TV easily without having to move heavy furniture around. 

The wall unit also has display shelves where you can place decorations or picture frames. You can also place your other entertainment equipment in the storage space made available on the wall unit so that it becomes the entertainment wall

The wall unit can be dressed down or dressed up as you like. Many people choose to make the wall where the TV is placed, the accent wall since it is the focal point of view anyway. 


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Make sure the TV area has sufficient storage space. This will prevent it from being cluttered, messy, and uncomfortable. Consider a TV cabinet with storage space like the one pictured here. Store your movie collection in the TV cabinet for easy access. One of the ways to make a TV area more comfortable is also to make it more convenient by having everything you need for entertainment nearby. 

As they say, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This goes for anything, including planning to be comfortable and relaxed while being entertained. Plan your entertainment storage space so that you have everything you need in one place. 

Browse through TV cabinet designs here on homify for more ideas and inspiration.


Carpets make spaces cozier with their soft texture. They can also add a splash of color and pattern to a living space. Since the TV area is an entertainment area, don't be shy to try some bright and cheery colors to create visual stimulation. 

These carpets pictured here are designed by Beate von Harten Atelier fuer Textil Design


A comfortable TV area should have proper lighting. Lighting sets the mood for an evening of entertainment. A TV area without proper lighting means that your eyes will end up feeling strained at the end of the night, and then the supposedly relaxing time would have turned into something a little more strenuous. 

Pictured here, we see a tall, cylindrical lamp that casts interesting shadows on the walls. 


Of course, let's not forget the TV when it comes to creating a comfortable TV area. Make sure the TV is positioned at just the right distance so that it's not too close or too far to create a strain on your eyes. The height the TV is positioned at is also important in order to create the optimum level of comfort. 

We hope you have found some helpful tips to create a more comfortable TV area through this idea guide. For more inspiration and ideas, have a look at tips on how to incorporate a TV in the kitchen

Do you have any other ideas you would like to share with us about creating a comfortable TV area? Please share in the comments section below. 
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