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Hello and welcome to the official Top 5 Blog from homify. We present you the latest and most trending ideas from the world of Interior decorations. As we say, the interior decor trends now change every week and thus, in order to look synonymous to current style, it is essential to know about what is reigning the charts and what has passed. This week, on the list, we have some kitchen floor designs, bedroom lighting ideas, and a couple of luxurious houses from different parts of India. 

Let us move ahead and have a personal look at each of these guides. Grab your ideas from the list and do not forget to leave your comments below. Scroll down to see the list!

Bedrooms with amazing lighting

Right lighting in a bedroom can create a cozy atmosphere. However, most of the house owners fail to understand. A bedside lamp shade is a blessing, only when used in the right way. Overdone or under utilized lights can make your bedroom look like a shabby den. If you have no idea of how you should choose lights for the sleeping area, then you are welcome to read this help book.

Know what style of lighting is apt for your bedroom. Click this link to understand and learn.

Kitchens using Floral Vinyl

Kitchen decor is one of the crucial and hardest part of house designing. Everyone wishes to make the cooking area look as fashionable as the rest of the house. One thing that stays common in these kitchen is usually the Vinyl tiles. They have managed to become an integral part of the decor because they look great, they are easier to clean and can look like new for years. 

This ideabook shows you some houses that embrace Floral Vinyl designs in kitchen. Yes, they all look glamorous. Go through the ideabook from here

Luxurious family house from India

A house grand in itself! Here is an opportunity for you to look inside the house that is interesting and amazing in all forms. The house showcases marvelous play of elements, interaction of colors and lines in perfect tandem within this chic mansion – shall surely steal your breath. 

White interiors with minimal coloring make you feel like you are travelling in some other world or have reached heaven. Believe us, it is not that difficult to carry and maintain a complete white house. You should go through this ideabook first to know. 

3 BHK apartment at small budget of Rs. 6 Lakhs

MBR homify Asian style bedroom Master Bedroom

If we say that you can get a 3 BHK house designed for a small amount of Rs. 6 Lakhs then most probably you will not believe us! Here is a demo of the house from Bangalore that has been designed at a modest budget and yet look visually appealing. The aesthetics, kitchen, thoughtful lighting and everything looks neat and perfectly done. 

Go through the interiors via the ideabook and see the art of designing at small price. 

Well planned house for Indian family

When planning to build a house, the utmost important and primary thing to do is to plan everything, from decor to the minutest details. A house, if planned well, is easier to execute and processed with successful results. While it might appear difficult to be done in one go; with the right architects, at the right place, and at the right time, you can actually achieve wonders.

See this ideabook to get a fair idea of right planning steps and what you need to get a complete project done.

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