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Fortunately, nobody is forced to commit to one particular style for their homes. Love the country style, yet you also have a small space in your heart for some contemporary touches? Go for it!

Today’s piece here on homify 360° can serve as a fine example on how two different designs (modern and classic) get to share the same space/house without the end result being too busy or eclectic. The secret is ensuring that there’s enough “breathing space” left over so that the final product, whether it’s the exterior façade or an interior room, doesn’t seem too cluttered.

And, of course, this villa manages to pull it all together quite smoothly by having a monochrome colour palette create a soft flow throughout.

Scroll ahead to see if this villa (and its styles) takes your fancy.

A stately presence

We can’t decide which is more striking: the house’s monochrome colours or its royal size, which seems to just continue shooting skywards. Notice how the façade achieves a particularly stylish effect via the combination of modern- and classic touches, like the high-pitched roof, French doors, dormer windows, etc. 

And it’s clear that these designers/homeowners are serious about bringing in more light to the house’s interiors – notice the skylights taking up residence in that sloping roof.

The main entrance

We must amend the decision to include this gravel driveway – not only is it a practical choice (for it allows numerous vehicles to park quite close to the house), but it also adds to the splendid presence of the structure. As far as we’re concerned, that grey gravel might have been red carpet! 

To break the monochrome look (and add some green freshness to the scene), lush garden touches outline the driveway, as well as the pathway that leads to the front entrance.

The back garden

Honestly, we would have been a little disappointed had this location not presented more garden spaces – fortunately, the rear side of the house is one big paradise of greens, with an expertly maintained lawn, perfectly crafted shrubs, delicately placed trees, and a vast terrace on which one can sit and enjoy the lush freshness in style. 

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The living room

To get to the interiors, one can comfortably slip through the back door (located at the aforementioned terrace), which leads to an open-plan kitchen and dining room, and then this spacious living room.  

Notice how the monochrome look from the façade gets repeated inside, although this time white- and black tones meet up with an earthy hued wooden floor, which also goes to great lengths to add some pattern into the space via its herringbone design.

The royal staircase

More monochrome, but we’re not complaining – it is, after all, a timeless look that can work for any style in any age. 

Here in the main entryway, the herringbone timber gets to take a break while a chequered tile design takes the lead regarding the floor design. Those blocks do a terrific job of grounding the space, especially since it’s quite high (double storeys), with an elongated staircase rising up towards the next floor, making it seem even taller. 

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