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15 ideas to place a TV in a small home

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Over the last few decades, TVs have become a crucial part of our household. Their shape, size, and functionality might have changed over the years, but what hasn't change is the fact that the whole family comes together to watch the TV. Whenever we get a new house, we might not know which direction the bed will be in or what colour sofa we will get, but what we do know is—the place where we will keep the TV.

Hence, we bring to you 15 smart ways to install the TV in your house, without hampering the overall design and the outlay. Read on for some creative ideas for the same:

1. Stretch it out

If your room is stretched out in breadth, then utilise the walls smartly. Add wall textures on one wall and place the TV there. Adding lights to the wall will brighten up the space making the room your special den.

2. The two-way view

Using a rotating base for your TV, not only makes the TV as the room separator but also adds a style quotient to the space. Get in touch with an expert for the same.

3. On the wooden panel

Add a wooden panel for your TV in the room to make the space stand out. Install a sleek wooden cabinet on the wall just a little bigger than the TV to assign the space specifically for the TV.

4. The TV cabinet

Installing a TV cabinet with shelves in L-shape like in the image makes the room look huge. Cover the wall with the wooden TV cabinet and use the shelves for keeping books or decorative items.

5. Undertake the industrial style

Cosmo Industrial TV Unit Industasia Living roomTV stands & cabinets

Cosmo Industrial TV Unit


Recycling the furniture is taking up pace. So why not use that old table or probably an old chest of drawers for your TV? Get it painted and polished and place your TV on it to give the room a modern look.

6. Frame it up

It is not mandatory to add huge furniture or a big cabinet for your TV. Just dedicate a small space on a wall to act as the frame for your TV, and you are ready to enjoy your favorite show or movie in your cozy bed.

7. Amidst the shelves

A couple of shelves is all you need to place your favorite electronic item, i.e. TV. Install the TV in between the shelves and decorate the latter with your pictures, books, or decor items. Or in fact, keep two beanbags and use the lower shelf as a table.

8. Modernity with elegance

Mirrors are the best pal of small rooms, as these make the space look visually bigger. You can, in fact, make your TV look luxurious too by adding mirrors behind it on the furniture behind.

9. Discreet in style

If you love minimalist designs, then place your TV against a cutout space on the wall in your living room.

10. It’s magic

The catch is to hang your TV from the ceiling through a steel pipe. It's not just innovative but absolutely magical.

11. Basic is stylish

Instead of going for a lavish furniture or wall textures, keep the wall in white and place the TV on it. You get a simple and an elegant look.

12. Hidden on the wall

Though dark colours do not go well with small spaces, if you are still going for a darker shade, keep the wall for your TV.

13. Blended in in the bookshelf

If you are a passionate reader and a cinema lover, then place your TV in the bookshelf, and keep everything for your entertainment in one place.

14. Above the fireplace

Usually, people do not think of placing TVs just above the fireplace. But, think about it, why not?.

15. In a window

How about placing your TV in the crockery cabinet. Place your chinaware on the lower half and the TV on the upper half of the cabinet.

If you have liked the above ideas, check out the ideabook for more inspiration.

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