10 pictures of wadrobes and closets for your home

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Are you a fashion enthusiast? Do you have a wardrobe dedicated to shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories? If yes, then you probably have endless clothing, shoes and more to store in your home. Are you one of those people who like to show off their best pair of shoes? Also, it is important to keep in view everything you have so you don’t forget anything!

Which is why here we brought you this list of 10 great dressing rooms to keep all your clothes handy and cared for. These dressing rooms are easy to adapt; they are spacious, elegant and perfect for you. We hope they can inspire you!

1. Install mirrors on your doors

If your room is narrow, then install mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger room. Build furniture and closets into the wall and cover it with mirrors to reflect light. Put another mirror on one of the side walls for added effect.

2. The room of mirrors

Narrow and small hallways can be converted to into fully functional rooms by adding mirrored panels on either wall. Fill your closets and close them up with mirrors to full length. The comfortable white chair adds royalty to this tiny space!

3. A wooden hanger

If you are looking for some place to hang clothes that you would want to wear again soon, the ideal solution is to get a wooden hanger for yourself. Make sure the hooks are also made of wood for a smarter look. There is nothing more charming than simple and warm colours of wood to make your room look more comfortable.

4. A sliding door for a closet under the stairs

If you are running out of space in your room, then consider taking up space under your staircase. With a few sliding doors, drawers and a little planning, you can practically create magic out of the little space under the stairs. This is also ideal so you can arrange things that you would need on your way out.

Checkout 14 sliding doors to save space in your home here.

5. Free the floor!

Add accessories to your room that allow suspending hangers so you can clear your floor off clothes. Hang your crisp coats and save hours of ironing. Use metallic pipes as shown in the picture for an exotic and rich look.

6. A very cute makeshift closet

This improvised wardrobe is ideal when you want to decorate your home with a nice closet but also keep all your favourites close by. In the lower rack, you can store shoes, accessories, and bags.

7. Light up the dark closet you have

A dressing sometimes needs light not just for decoration, but to also make it appear brighter. The lamps here illuminate the dark closet to help you choose your clothes properly. The lamps illuminate the closet and the mirrors thus making the room appear bigger.

The shelves are also arranged for maximum utilisation of space. Hung or folded, your clothes have enough space with enough space for shoes too.

8. A well-arranged closet

No space for a closet inside your home? Then, how about a closet in the balcony of your room? With plenty of natural light, each of the draws is clearly visible and accessible and even has space for the washing machine and a bench to sit on when wearing shoes.

9. A very modern wardrobe

This wardrobe is practically another room within the room. The clear doors separate the wardrobe from the room. The stylish armchairs stand out from the light wood floor and highlight the elegant dark brown wooden ceiling.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

10. A wardrobe that is the decoration of your room

If you do not have space in your bedroom to spare for the closets, then you can dedicate the entire wall of the room to create your closet. Delicate white doors with elegant handles beautify the room than just serve as a closet. When you open the closet doors, then you have great space to use and close it when done!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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