40 pictures of interior décor ideas for your home

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Designing a house that is perfect from every angle and curve with just the right kind of furniture and accessories that are in vogue is close to impossible for most homeowners. It is common to feel confused about simple elements like using the right floor tiles with wall colors and furniture layout that is worthy of admiration.

Here are is a list of essential design elements, furniture, furnishings and décor objects that are popular around the world and can be used to enhance the beauty of your home’s interiors. These ideas can be adapted to homes of any layout and design depending on their basic structure and décor style.

1. Classic white

Open floor design with rustic style interiors across kitchen, dining room and living room is a solution for cramped homes. White color across the entire stretch makes the interiors look spacious.

2. Soothing interiors

This minimalist living area with cozy sofas and casual decor is definitely the preferred relaxation space without much detail.

3. The classic style family room

Classic does not mean old-fashioned anymore as vintage furniture looks harmonious together with modern furniture. The key lies in assimilating all the elements in harmonious manner with background of the room.

4. Simple and minimalist

When you have a busy schedule with little time to spare for cleaning everyday then select a layout that is simple and does not take long to tidy up and restore order.

5. Enjoy the view

If the house is located at a strategic curve or angle then build a special room to enjoy a panoramic view. Do not forget to take care of the environment around you so it can still be enjoyed all time.

6. Strong relationship with nature

Folding panoramic doors instead of walls that can be opened wide enough allow family to enjoy nature without stepping out of the house.

7. Retro tastes

Old furniture that is still in good condition can become tables or short chairs and combined with modern furniture. Make sure both have something in common like same color of seat cushion or patterns.

8. White and luminous

A well-lit room not only appears larger, but also facilitates easy movement and mobility.

9. Glorious textures

Small open to air space in the house enable easy air circulation that keeps the house cool even during hottest summers. The wood paneling behind the image is mounted as a colorful background within neutral surroundings.

10. Twin living rooms

The elegant living room has a twin in the terrace that can be used to accommodate guests during parties by just walking through the window!!

11. Colors of nature

Bright colors usually imply a dynamic personality and friendly nature so here is a room with a view of green countryside that matches colorful elements in the room.

12. Reflections

Reflective glass in the form of large window, chandelier, mirrors and ceilings is reminiscent of palaces of yore. Although the color of the monochrome living room furniture is dark against and the floor white, large windows and reflective surfaces brighten the room.

13. Jovial atmosphere

A jovial and friendly family tends to have plenty of close friends that would love to relax for friendly chats and meals in region that does not contain expensive furniture and furnishings. 

14. Understated elegance

Simple furniture resting against the backdrop of neutral colors and fine teak-wood floor presents a restful picture of understated elegance.

15. Suspended in mid-air

The fireplace is not in common use around tropical areas so if you like this design, furnace can be replaced with something equally picturesque like an aquarium or ornamental plants.

16. Timeless ethnic touch

Ethnic patterns on carpets, wall hangings, cushions and other furnishings look harmonious with the other traditional elements in the Mediterranean-style room. Want to adopt something similar with Indian patterns?

17. Heaven in the suburbs

If you have a television as wide as this then weekend trips to local movie theaters can be exchanged for a more private experience in your entertainment room.  Weekend evenings can be enjoyed by watching movies, live or recorded concerts and games with friends, children, or friends.

18. Natural wood

This house made entirely of wood  feels warm during cold weather and cool in hot weather. If you want a house that protects residents from changing weather conditions with minimal use of artificial heating and cooling methods then this option could prove useful.

19. Touching the sky

Designing this home was a unique experience as it meant converting a factory or warehouse into a residential unit. Instead of repainting the entire walls from floor to ceiling, the owners has modified only sections that are in regular use to create a rustic home that is decent enough for family living.

20. Engaging colors and patterns

Grayish green background walls will create a dark room which will have to be balanced with colorful prints and patterns with white base.

21. Home office

In addition to providing shelter, a home also serves as a place of work for several individuals unable to secure a full time job. This home office is spacious and suitable for people that are starting own business as it can be separated into work region and place to receive clients and engage in meetings.

22. Elegant, simple and modern

Combination of chandelier and ceiling light extending across dining area and living room is a touch of simple luxury that adds class to this region.

23. Bright colors for a cheerful living room

The positive effect of bright colors on human moods can never be completely estimated as it is hard to gauge if mood swings can be can be overcome with bright colors. Combination of solid colors with jewel tones makes the living room bright and welcoming. 

24. Sombre elegance

The unique rectangular geometric pattern on the wall is the center of attraction here so any other kind of decor will only be superficial. Adding simple wood furniture and highlighting the pattern with strategically placed floor lamps enhances the elegance of this room'.

25. The kitchen, dining room, living room together

An ideal alternative to divide small space without without dividing walls is to slice it up with furniture placed in different clusters. In addition to using different furniture and furnishings, each area can have unique lighting arrangements with lamps of different designs.

26. Graceful and sturdy concrete

The walls and roof made of concrete that require minimal adornment provide industrial touch to the dwelling. Decorating it with  matching furniture,  indoor plants, natural fiber carpets and mats complete the decor.

27. Decorating narrow spaces

CASA TRANSPORTABLE ÁPH80, ÁBATON Arquitectura ÁBATON Arquitectura Rustic style living room
ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

Beige color can also give the impression of breadth and space to narrow rooms especially if decorated with wooden furniture. Striking against the glass facade.

28. Pop art for art lovers

An all-white room full of graphic art works would definitely gladden the heart of every art lover.

29. Decoration on multiple planes

We can manage uneven conditions by making furniture that suit ground realities like this. Area couches and cushions on the steps around the sofas are nice to relax.

30. Cozy and warm

If old furniture is still fit for use then it can be adopted for use within modern setting as there is always demand for quality vintage furniture. Old furniture like chairs, tables, dressers when reclaimed will help bring an eclectic feel to the surroundings.

31. Warm in winter

In cold Scandinavian conditions the insulating effect of wood is adopted to cover floor and walls. In this Scandinavian style living room the charming fireplace keeps the region warm even in the midst of snowfall.

32. Combination of white and bright colors

The versatile white color can be easily combined with solid colors and jewel tones like green and orange to make striking decor combinations like these.

33. Rustic ceiling arched doorways

Thick wooden bars across the ceiling support charming arches that reach close to the ceiling for a majestic living area. Modern sofas make this room into a meeting of old and new styles.

34. Private nook for the nerd

Book-lovers often tend to get immersed in stories and forget their surroundings so a reading area like a library should have  conducive environment. A stylish bookcase, comfortable sofa, soft cushions and soft rugs or carpets along with sufficient lighting is needed to create a private nook.

35. French style

The living room looking through to the kitchen, Mansfield Street Apartment, London Nash Baker Architects Ltd Classic style living room White
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

The living room looking through to the kitchen, Mansfield Street Apartment, London

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Impressed with finesse of French decor and want to adopt something close to that at home? Adopt French-style interior by making an eclectic combination of rustic and classic furniture and decor that will be widely appreciated by friends and family alike. 

36. High ceiling

High ceiling in traditional homes have been used as air inlets with wide windows on the corners of the room. Here the ceiling has been cleverly used to create an additional floor on the sides with long rectangular space separated into living, dining and kitchen areas. 

37. A wooden cabin with arched roof

The wooden roof, wooden walls with floor tiles to match should be made of wood that is suitable to local climatic and environmental conditions to avoid early damage. 

38. Rustic and warm

Large glass windows serve as room divider in this rustic style living room with brick walls. Hand woven rugs and tropical ornamental plants complement the rustic ambience in partnership with decorative lights.

39. Simple and minimalist

The high ceilings are only just above the family room which results in a design style that is both cozy and enchanting. This region brings in natural light and fresh air into the entire region making it look like an architectural marvel.

40. The family room

Proyectos de interiorismo varios , estudio 60/75 estudio 60/75 Modern living room
estudio 60/75

Proyectos de interiorismo varios

estudio 60/75

Family rooms that were a thing of the past with joint families are making a comeback in large homes that people like to gather with friends and family members across generations. Doesn't this rustic room with vintage furniture and furnishings remind you of childhood days spent at grandparents home? 

Now that your interiors are decorated let us explore Fabulous ideas to light up interior walls of your house.

Which idea do you feel is the easiest and toughest to adopt? Do let us know in your comments below.

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