10 amazing kitchen floor ideas

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The kitchen is the space where we spend much of our time. There are a number of elements that go towards making this a good looking and well-functioning space where the entire family can create perfect meals and a memorable family time. The floor of the kitchen is one that needs to promote easy movement, passage and maintenance. There are a number of materials that can be used for the same. Come and have a look at this list to know more to make you perfect choice.

​1. Wooden planks for the floor.

Snowdrop Lodge, Beach Road, St. Cyrus, Aberdeenshire, Roundhouse Architecture Ltd Roundhouse Architecture Ltd KitchenElectronics
Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

Snowdrop Lodge, Beach Road, St. Cyrus, Aberdeenshire

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

A rustic quality instantly comes alive with the wooden planks. These planks can be laid out on the floor and set across the cabinetry too. The designers have installed a pre-war style cooking range in iron to match the setting.

2. Stone flooring.

Craigentath, Blairs, Aberdeenshire, Roundhouse Architecture Ltd Roundhouse Architecture Ltd KitchenCabinets & shelves
Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

Craigentath, Blairs, Aberdeenshire

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

These flagstone tiles make for a wonderful and almost colorful neutral statement with much classic charm. In tandem with the fittings, cabinets and the lattice work on the doors, this gives the kitchen a hint of that old school countryside feel. Credit goes to the architects at Roundhouse Architecture Ltd.

​3. Neat wooden tiles.

City Park Residence, New Orleans studioWTA Modern kitchen

City Park Residence, New Orleans


These wooden tiles make for a neat look, which is also easy on the eye. The designers have kept the rest of the fittings light hued and light polished so that the floor is a contrast.

4. ​Rustic brick finish.

This brick lined floor is one that takes you straight to the rustic quarters of an old chalet or countryside family home. One can imagine cooking meals for large families while the expansive cabinets and countertops make things comfortable.

5. Patchwork ceramic tiles.

The blue theme in this kitchen ensures that there is a bright hued beauty in the space. It also goes on to the patchwork tiles of the floor, which makes for an exotic look.

​6. Chic laminate for the floor.

This loft-like setting is perfect for a sleek laminate sheet to run across the floor. This ties in all the wooden and metal elements as well the classic cabinets so that one has a wholesome look.

7. ​Large Stones in a classic kitchen.

This old kitchen has exposed beams and re-purposed wood as well as large red hued stones on the floor. This makes for good fluid absorption and cleaning.

8. ​Wooden waves on the floor.

This floor has plenty of geometrical style with a wave-like pattern on the rectangular tiles. With the white walls and the wooden cabinets, it creates a well laid-out look.

​9. Re-purposed wood in a white kitchen.

This white kitchen is a beautiful space with a classic cottage-style look. The distressed look on the wood also makes for a wonderful vibe in this homely space.

​10. Modern laminate tiles.

This modern kitchen brings in a wooden touch with the doors and the pillar as well as the furniture like the table. The wooden tiles in laminate also create a sleek and well-polished look.

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