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A beautiful house for the Indian family

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This house was designed and built in a modern style, but with very unique details. Some of the small details that make this house a home are the neutral colour scheme, the spacious rooms, the large glass windows and sliding doors, the modern finishes and the functionality of each room. This beautiful home was designed by architects, Francois Marais Architects. 

We invite you to join us on a tour of this breath-taking home and be inspired by the many small details it has to offer. We hope you will find some suitable ideas for your home here. 

The main facade

This architectural project was initiated with a wide entrance of cobblestones laid out in a way so that the pattern leads you to view the facade in an angle with large openings, both for the garage and the main entrance door of the house. 

This entrance is framed under a curved roof and the large balconies of the second floor have transparent railings which add interest to the facade. You can already notice the different types of materials and neutral colour scheme here.  

Modern kitchen

The kitchen is dominated with a neutral colour on the floor, while the black and white kitchen fittings give it an edgy contemporary touch. The central kitchen island with a rectangular ceiling lamp and built-in lamps contribute to the modern style of the house which is counteracted or softened with the curved sofa and the cylindrical glass window up to the ceiling. This kitchen is designed in a way so as to optimise socialisation in the kitchen. 

Spiral staircase

The purpose of a staircase is to move from one level to another, upper or lower, but you see many cases of architectural projects where this functional construction becomes a design motif and actually becomes the focal point of the construction. It almost seems as if all the rest of the project was based on a magnificent spiral designed and constructed with many details, from the illumination of each step, to the steel and glass railing.

Luxury suite

The unique design of this luxury suite with its dark coloured floor, textiles and furniture contrasted with the neutral colour of the walls, ceiling and the glass that separates it from the bathroom creates an exquisitely relaxing atmosphere. 

What may surprise you is the transparent wall with the luxurious bathroom, making the bathtub look like a sculpture in the centre of the room seducing you to soak in a warm bath of bubbles. Someone say no to this invitation!

Spacious dressing room

A mansion of this size must not have a small closet or dressing room between walls, but really this dressing room has the dimensions proportional to the house that it belongs to. Neutral colors, mirrors and good illumination follow, which is multiplied by the reflection in the mirror doors, which in addition to visually increasing the space, reflects natural and artificial light creating a spacious and well-lit area.

Dream bathroom

This bathroom has been designed with all the comforts and details that characterizes this house. The showers are located inside a glass bubble, the two washbasins are overlaid on the countertop of wooden cabinets and the very modern bathtub has a unique curved shape. The large bathroom with its beige tile floor, carpets and many mirrors which multiply the light creates a comfortable and relaxing space for rejuvenation. 

The patio with the pool, a perfect space

This patio is a continuity of the social area inside the house and has a unique design which integrates part of the pool in it and also a wooden deck that surrounds it. The back garden is a well designed space that serves as an extension of this area. The terraces of the upper floor with its transparent railings allows one to enjoy the view from an intimate area. 

We hope the tour of this gorgeous home has given you some ideas for your home. For more inspiration, have a look at mobile homes

What do you like most about the design of this house? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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