10 ideas to use your walls to install the TV

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Often the sight of bare empty walls infuses an urge to fill it with interesting objects to make the room colorful and vibrant. But the true essence of wall décor lies in restraining oneself from going overboard and dressing the walls with ungainly knickknacks. While taking the advice of professionals is always helpful, personal taste should also be visible in decorating walls. 

In this ideabook our interior designers have provided 10 incredible creative ideas that will help to make the most of your walls by installing the flat TV. The ideas which include an eclectic combination of patterns, objects and colors that will transform your walls and lend grace to your home.

1. In wall integration

Though integrating electronics like television and music systems followed by built-in furniture is not a new idea, it does not fail to impress due to the fluidity with which objects get integrated into walls. The secret of in-wall integration lies in perfect alignment of objects that complements your walls and become worthy of admiration.

2. Suspended in space

Generally, it is chimneys that are embedded in the wall that protrude from roof outside but now interior designers have a different and unique proposal that combines - a fireplace / wall / TV stand. This integrated structure besides providing warmth to the region where it is placed, creates a charming piece of decor in the modern living room making it clutter free region that improves communication between your rooms.

3. Elegant backdrop

Usually elements like wallpaper, decals or designer tiles are embedded on walls to improve aesthetics around furniture and other decor in the room. But here a unique wall decoration plan has been used to give artistic touch to the wall and create a stylish background for television with embedded stone chips. The dark tone of the decorative wall is carried forward with dark wooden bars on the ceiling set amidst neutral toned background.

4. Combining classic and modern

Classic décor style appreciated for its simple beauty is still much in demand and today is blended with modern elements to help it adapt with changing tastes. In this trendy living room decorated with classic style furniture and accessories the television on the wall above the fireplace appears more like a piece of art.

5. Bookshelf in the wall

Open shelves on the wall are an easy way to set up a library at home in your favorite lounging place. With an elegant wall unit like the one here set across an entire wall in the entertainment room that provides an elegant setup to lounge around watching movies or reading books. Numerous shelves and niches provide adequate space to stack up books and memorabilia along with sizable collection of music and movies.

6. Discreet elegance

In regions where rooms exist around open floor spaces, it is difficult to define limits of individual rooms without creating visible
barriers. In this house, the dark wall made of marble serves twin duties as solid background for television and discreet divider between living and dining areas.

7. Elegance of wall panels

A simple wood panel with elegant grain designs can make a noticeable difference between a dull and modern wall without heavy investment. Here the wood panels serve as backdrop for television and wall décor giving strong competition to bright blue furniture dominating the living room.

This picture shows how the strategically placed lighting arrangement around the panel makes a joyous partnership with ceiling lights and chandelier.

8. Part of décor

Walls can become an intrinsic part of interior décor like empty canvass awaiting a stroke of genius. In a minimalist living room devoid of fluff and color, recessed wall shelves with edgy lighting and mirror outlined in wood are sufficient décor though a painting or two would bring some color into the room.

9. Poetry on the wall

Why have a dull wall paper or piece of art on the wall if you can have a wistful piece of poetry on it? In a warm living room like this with cozy wooden furniture one would just need wall décor that makes people feel at home and what would be more appropriate than a cute poem sketched on concrete for eternity?

10. Wall panel for all needs

When you have a wall panel that serves multiple purposes that include holding up a large television unit, supporting a fireplace and also serving as a display area for books and décor pieces then no effort is required to decorate the region.

Now that you have suitable tips to decorate your walls here are suggestions to help you Decide if you want wallpaper or paint for the walls.

Which wall decor idea did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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