20 pergolas and gazebos perfect for your backyard garden

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A residence that has the benefit of a garden or terrace can be enhanced wonderfully by the installation of a tent or awning. These structures are not only practical, providing shelter from sun and rain, but also add beauty and style to the garden décor. With this in mind, today we’ll have a look at 20 brilliant ideas for a bit of shade in the garden so you can enjoy the sun. Let’s begin!

1. Choosing colours

The selection of a black awning is an excellent one since it teams with the black table and chairs for a striking monochromatic effect against the white walls.

2. A stylish tent

A tent is easy to put up and can be stylish too! This splendid creation in the patio looks lovely in a summery combination of white and brown.

3. A delicate look

Light fabric and colours are ideal for a cool and summery ambience in the courtyard. This white and black combination against brick and stone looks very elegant!

4. Metallic elegance

A metal awning can also look light, refined and stylish – ideal for a bright, open terrace.

5. A cozy affair

This simple but cosy tent with a beautiful wicker sofa is perfect for a family.

6. Trendy décor

Sail awnings are a marvellous way to add a contemporary touch to the outdoors!

7. A snazzy look

Even a simple sail awning gives a modern look to a small outdoor arrangement.

8. Pizzazz with PVC

PVC is a great material for an awning. It is highly weather-resistant and looks beautiful too!

9. Awning-cum-tent

This beautiful awning transforms into a tent when the white curtains are drawn!

10. A linear awning

A fixed rectangular awning looks smart and offers great protection against the elements.

11. The quaint gazebo

What a charming gazebo-like tent for the garden!

12. Being unusual

This modern white triangular tent is ideal for the unconventional home!

​13. A splash of colour

This awning is not only functional but also add vibrancy to the ambience.

14. The soothing touch

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Light neutral colours are ideal for a relaxed ambience.

15. Comfortable repose

These stylish and serene tents look perfect for a comfortable nap!

16. An Eastern influence

A slatted roof is not only a stylish design but also a pleasing way to permit the entry of light from above.

17. Black beauty

The black curtains teamed with dark wood create a surreal environment in this sophisticated tent.

18. Beautiful lights

A gorgeous tent also needs to be beautifully illuminated for the night!

19. Rustic beauty

This simple rustic tent is easy to construct and has loads of style!

20. A swinging tent

This lovely structure looks like a bed in a tent – what a brilliant idea for relaxing in the garden!

These 20 amazing ideas for designing a tent or awning in your garden or patio are inspirational for any type of house! Here is a list of amazing ideas that might pique your interest - 25 modern fences to frame your yard with style!

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