11 innovative ideas to decorate the corridors

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Corridors tend to be neglected many times, perhaps because they are just seen as a means of crossing and getting from one part of the home to another. However, if you put some thought and effort into it, corridors can become the perfect place to display family photographs or even be useful as a hidden storage space. Today we will discuss 11 innovative and inspiring ideas to re-discover and optimise corridor space at home. 

There is a corridor design for every need and budget here so we hope you will find some suitable ideas for your home. 

1. Mirrors

Mirrors are ideal for optical illusions, making them the easiest solution to make narrow corridors to seem more spacious. Mirrors can also make dark corridors brighter by reflecting light. 

2. Exposed red brick wall

Various elements decorate this corridor in a simple and raw way. For example, the long mirror against the wall, the shelf accessorized with decorative ornaments, and the black and white photographs. However, what really gives this corridor a cosy atmosphere is the exposed red brick wall. 

3. Unconventional hangers

Unconventional hangers and funky peg designs can be enough to add a unique touch to the corridor. Pictured here, we see a hanger with an innovative design almost camouflaging against a wall of the same colour in order to create an optical illusion which makes it seem as if clothes were hanging in the air.

4. Small table

Sometimes all it takes is a simple touch to add elegance. Pictured here, we see an elegant small wooden table in white which allows space for a vase of flowers or a nice lamp. 

5. Wardrobe

If your corridor wall has a dead end, integrating an in-built wardrobe at the end could be a very practical idea. It's a great hidden storage space where you can store shoes and coats, or even seasonal clothing and of course extra storage space tends to make your home tidy and orderly for a longer length of time.

6. Good lighting

Many corridors tend to be deprived of natural sunlight, so it must be replaced by industrial lighting and distributed well so as not to leave any dark corners. Good lighting is also useful for enhancing the paintings on the wall. 

7. Indoor plants

As you can see, plants and flowers are always a magical and ideal solution for any space at home. Indoor plants give more vitality to the home, and the corridor space is an excellent space for a mini indoor garden. 

8. Distinctive colour

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Colors in general have a charm and a strong influence in determining a personal space. Some colour combinations can have a magic effect in changing the shape of the place entirely, for example like the corridor in the picture. 

9. Small details

The corridor decoration pictured here boils down to two foundations, namely furniture (wall mirror and small table), lighting and flowers, but the result is amazing despite the simplicity of the wonderful ideas.

10. Peace and serenity

If you're someone who likes to surround himself with an atmosphere of serenity, and you appreciate the Japanese style, then the design pictured here may suit you well. The best way to create this atmosphere is to incorporate as many natural elements as possible.  

11. Minimalist

Last but not least, if you're more of a minimalist and like to avoid having many things, you may want to opt for one single unique piece to hang on the wall, like the artistic mirror pictured here. 

We hope you've enjoyed this ideabook. For more corridor ideas, have a look at 15 pictures of hallways and corridors in Indian homes.

Which corridor idea did you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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