15 charming front entrance designs perfect for small houses

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The front entrance being an essential part of a house’s façade has to be designed keeping in mind the image one want’s to create. Besides providing protection, the entrance door forms visitors’ expectation for the rest of the house so it has to be designed with plenty of thought. Effects like front steps, vestibule, porch and foyer help to enhance the front entrance and prolong the transition between public and private domain. In this ideabook we shall present 15 inspiring front entrance designs that will make even the simplest of houses look fabulous.

1. Wall of stone

The twin entrances fashioned out of wood with a grey stone wall in between are elegantly supported by an all glass facade on top floor.

2. Arched entraceway

Beautiful Garden Simran Kohli Modern garden garden
Simran Kohli

Beautiful Garden

Simran Kohli

An arched front entrance over twin columns creates a charming impression about the interiors in the minds of the visitors. The stone walkway across a small lawn leading up stone steps to the stylish front porch lends character tot this country style house.

3. The red door

Curb appeal of colorful red front door flanked by bricks to maintain the atmosphere.

4. Cast in stone

The idea of using stone to elegantly blend together the two floors and build a rectangular design that also surrounds the front entrance door is highly advised for an impressive foyer.

5. Black and white

An all black door bordered by sparkling white facade is a beautiful example of minimalist design at its best. The small stone garden beside the brick lined entrance softens the monochromatic picture.

6. Twin doors of wood

This house's design proves that a single level house can have as much class and distinction as a multi-level house, with the elegant brick pillars and walls creating a castle like atmosphere. The large twin doors that are part of the entrance finds ideal company in the form of bright wall sconces and recessed lights along the roof rim.

7. Bridging two levels

The two-level house is seamlessly integrated in this impressive entrance door that spans across both levels with porch roof supported by majestic pillars.

8. Paved stones

A wide stone paved driveway with asymmetrical steps leading up to the glass door entrance flanked by a slab-stone wall to one side makes a very unique and contemporary entrance.

9. Traditional tiled entrance

For many, this type of heavy symmetrical home design makes them feel close to their roots. The spacious patio with tiled roof may look rustic to some but is entirely suited to this Asian style home.  

10. Steel and cement

Front Elevation of Residential Project Moon Arc Modern houses Amber/Gold Plant,Property,Building,Tree,Sky,Vehicle,Car,Line,Wheel,House
Moon Arc

Front Elevation of Residential Project

Moon Arc

Strong  materials like stone, brick and steel bring personality to the entrance when combined together like this steel door within the stone encrusted wall supported by clever lighting arrangement that make a spectacular entrance. Stone bars embedded in the cement frame before the glass window are an interesting way to transform the area.

11. Glass roof?

A tempered glass ceiling that extends from the facade brings relief from scorching sun.  

12. Combination of colorful tiles

Dr Rafique Mawani's Residence, M B M architects M B M architects Minimalist houses Plant,Property,Building,Window,Houseplant,Interior design,Architecture,House,Floor,Sky
M B M architects

Dr Rafique Mawani's Residence

M B M architects

The enchanting front entrance is an eclectic mix of colorful tiles, green trees and a beautiful fountain with twinkling lights lending grace to the region fitted with large glass doors

13. Embedded into the walls

Mr. Pardeep Pixel Works Tropical style houses Plant,Building,Sky,Property,Window,House,Tree,Door,Architecture,Residential area
Pixel Works

Mr. Pardeep

Pixel Works

A simple door that blends into the walls with an almost imperceptible outline has achieved a startling entrance that can be reached by a walking across a long lawn and low steps. The small plants and lighting effect adds brightness to the eclectic surroundings.

14. Tropical entrance

This tropical entrance strikes a beautiful balance between glass windows and light wood details.  

15. Welcoming entranceway

drop-off entry AIS Designs
AIS Designs

drop-off entry

AIS Designs

A hallway style entrance with large concrete pillars is reached by a layout of marble steps lined by colorful planters. Would an that make entrance be more impressive as this decorated by white lights and glass doors?

Here are beautiful Garden ideas to beautify your home entrance

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