Homes built in old shipping containers

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In today's world of design and architecture, it's almost impossible to keep up with the current trends and fashion, since it is renewed very quickly. There are a few things that don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, though, like container homes. These economic, eco-friendly and stylish options in architecture have caught the attention and imagination of professionals and lay men alike, right across the world. We here at homify believe that this reverence is well-founded and entirely justified. The benefits to a container home are undeniably numerous and sound. 

Although the benefits of homes created from old shipping containers can no longer be disputed, many still believe that these homes are cramped, unattractive options lacking in style. Well, today we will do our very best to bring these myths to and end, and have compiled a list of 23 container homes that are sure to win you over in their aesthetic appeal as well as super functionality. So take a few minutes to enjoy these amazing home that you can recreate on the cheap!

1. Bushveld escape

We start with a bang, displaying the best of South African design in this container haven in the outdoors.

2. Timber perfection

This container had been clad with timber to give it an authentic and natural feeling, not to mention an aesthetic appeal that's hard to resist.

3. Oudoor views

Another timber-clad option includes large glass doors to make the most of the outdoors.

4. Treehouse

A charming escape in the middle of a forest.

5. Simple and functional

This previous shipping container was only slightly customised, but a whole new home was the result.

6. Luxury and style

For those who have more particular tastes, shipping containers can also be transformed into stylish and trendy homes with the right design and materials. 

7. Compact, light and modern

This dreamy little home doesn't look like it has been recycled at all.

9. Perpendicular

these two shipping containers had been placed on one another in a perpendicular way to create an interesting two-storey design. 

10. Small but impressive

This tiny South African container home has everything you need in an impressively small space. 

11. Extentions

Container home front street view homify Modern houses Iron/Steel

Container home front street view


12. Spaciousness

Dining area homify Modern dining room

Dining area


Here we have a different perspective—from the inside of a container home. As we can see her, these homes can still be spacious and inviting.

13. Fresh appearance

Fresh greens and yellows combined with wood and an open design makes this little house very attractive indeed.

14. Tetris

These old containers were stacked on one another in a tetris-fashion to create a new structure.

15. Dark and modern

16. One-wall kitchen

Galley kitchen homify Modern kitchen

Galley kitchen


Another insider's perspective displays a one-wall kitchen that makes the most of space.

18. Indulgence

For those who want to go just a little further, a luxury home is still an otion, as we can see with this magnificent example.

19. Modern minimal

CASA TRANSPORTABLE ÁPH80, ÁBATON Arquitectura ÁBATON Arquitectura Prefabricated home
ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

20. Tiny yet sufficient

21. Double bunk

This ingenious design opens up entirely to the outdoors, ensuring environmental appreciation. 

23. Desert dream

This structure perfectly suits the dry landscape of its surroundings. 

Container homes, wherever they are in the world, still win our hearts. However, South African has a far-ranging portfolio, proven by these 10 incredible homes. 

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