​All you need to know when planning to install a solar system

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The issue of global warming and animal extinction is sweeping the world with its severity and concern. The only solution to these problems is to use the natural resources more wisely and systematically. At this point in time, we cannot afford to lose water or energy. Therefore, everyone needs to do their part by contributing their share of environment friendliness. The use of solar panels is one such way in which mankind can help save this planet. The solar panels make use of solar energy to generate electricity, which can light up your entire house. While the planet receives sun’s energy in abundance there is no proper way to channelize that for fruitful purposes. Solar systems make this possible by the use of silicon material or thermal power cells that help to concentrate all energy in one place and generate electricity. This saves a lot of water that otherwise would have used for power generation. Let’s have a look how the installation can be planned.

Different types/materials

There are a lot of options to choose from while finalising a solar panel. The different varieties available are Single silicon, multi silicon and solar thermal panels. Only after doing a proper research, finalise the one that is the best for you. This can depend on their efficiency, longer life, cost and even the strength. Silicon used here is in crystalline form that can help convert solar energy into electricity. Also a multi silicone panel will be much more efficient than the single one. So, decide the material according to your needs and requirements. A solar thermal panel is a highly practical way of converting energy, but is still gaining popularity especially in the east. It helps to concentrate the sun’s energy in one place, thus making a highly effective electricity generator. So, while outing the solar panel focus on those regions that get the maximum sunlight, as this will help you generate maximum electricity.

Analysing your electricity need

Before installing a solar panel, you need to analyse how much power is actually needed in your house. You need to add all the electric gadgets like computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. Along with these, you need to add up all kitchen appliances like the oven, dishwasher, toaster, mixer grinder and even the water purifying system. The other thing that needs consideration is the power required for all lighting including the rooms, exterior areas and even the garage. By calculating all these, you can decide how many solar panels will be required for running the entire household. Also, always opt for a size more than the total energy requirement, as you need some spare for cloudy days and monsoons. Also, it is not possible to rely on solar panels only therefore, always make a connection for artificial energy as well. This can be used in case of emergencies or when the solar panel is not working.

System sitting

Now that you have decided the number of solar panels needed, you need to decide on the location. This can be decided based on the direction of sun. While terrace or house roof is the one blessed with maximum sunlight, you can also place your panels on other areas, which receive maximum sunlight. Get in touch with the electrician to know how much room will one panel and the whole array will take. Accordingly, you can decide the panels along the roof or terrace. You may also locate the solar panels on the roofs of your garage or even on the roofs of study areas, in case you have a separate structure for them. Before finalising the place, keep into consideration that a lot of wiring and piping is involved, so do not locate them on the front side of the building. You can also go for concealed wiring to keep the aesthetics of the place intact. Designed by Maisone Loginter, the above design is a clear and concise example of a roof top solar panel. 


Installation of a solar panel is not one man’s job. It involves a lot of wiring, piping and then placement strategies, which basically needs an expert to handle. Along with the solar panel installers you need to have an electrician and plumber ready by his side. Only when all of these work together, you can achieve successful completion of the big task of mounting solar panels on your rooftop. As per the number of panels involved, this task may even take a few days for completion. So, it is highly recommended to complete this job before moving into your new home. This requires a lot of effort and uncountable trips to the terrace. So, in case you are in a rush, call for an equally big team to help you complete the job quickly. You might as well arrange for a mason as the installation may tamper some of the surrounding areas.


Just like any electronic appliance or device, solar panels too need a regular maintenance. You need to call for the solar panel company people to periodically check this device for uninterrupted operation and high efficiency. You might also need to check for any source of damage or fault that might result in less generation of power. In case one of the panels get damages; you need to call for the right people for repair or replacement as required. As the solar panels are exposed to chilly winds, harsh sun rays, freezing snowstorms and even dreadful rains, the yare always in the risk of getting damaged easily. This is another reason why solar panels or silicone solar cells should be checked regularly.


Undoubtedly, solar panels are expensive and will surely be a major contributor of your set monthly budget. But just like other Eco friendly products, you need to see the bigger picture while installing a solar panel. It is indeed a major one-time investment, but will incur you life long profits. These will help save energy and make the planet pollution free and rich, even for generations to come. You will also feel the difference in your monthly electric bills, as now they will be reduced by more than half. Always remember that solar panels, windmills and even rainwater harvesting are done for a bigger purpose than just saving money. By doing your part, you are actually contributing towards the well being of the planet.

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