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Wall décor has immensely revolutionised with time. From simple wooden décor to wall colours and now to wall stickers, the change is pretty evident. While in earlier days, you had to go with the standard designs and regular colours, now you find it difficult to zero it in one option pertaining to the gamut of the different ideas present. So to make your choice easy, we bring to you an idea book that can help you choose from the different options. The few things to consider before choosing a wall cover are the space available, home décor style and budget. Once you have decided on these three factors, your wall cover will be an easy pick. Do not try to limit your options with just the one’s listed below. Widen your thoughts and make a unique combination of a few of these designs to give each room of your house a different look. Let’s start!

Use of vibrant colours

The most versatile way to decorate a wall is by the use of vibrant colours.  There is a plethora of choices available while choosing colours that differ with the location. For a bedroom, go with soothing colours that will help you relax and lounge in cosier surroundings. For a dash of brightness, you can add a colourful wall in a contrasting colour or a darker shade. For kitchen and bathroom, always go with acrylic paints as they can stay longer and are easy to clean as well. You can even go with a whole palette of bright colours for a kid’s room and even for gardens and conservatories. An accent wall in rich and trendy colours looks absolutely beautiful in a living room.

Hanging pictures

Hanging pictures is another way to take the dullness away from a plain wall. Not only that pictures tries to bring out the draining memories of cosy moments with friends and family. There can even be pictures of your favourite leader or any influencer or aspirer. If designing a room for your parents or grandparents, you can have pictures of favourite musicians or authors from the past. This helps to create an extra bit of warmth that makes the area more personalised and comfortable. Along with filling the gaps in the walls, these black and white or colourful portraits provide you a beautiful flashback of your life. Try placing them in bedrooms and living rooms for a full-fledged effect.

Use stickers

Stickers are yet another way to bring a cool and chic atmosphere in the room. Perfectly suited for teenagers, college goers and adults, the stickers are an affordable and stylish way to display their feelings on the wall. Apart from being affordable, stickers are also very easy to apply and reapply. Made out of vinyl, these stickers do not temper with the base wall colour and will not leave any residue once removed. They have a pretty long shelf life and along with walls can even be decorated on wooden doors or glass windows. You can go with popular phrases, Buddhist chants and even Hindi sayings to give a distinctive touch to the walls. The bedroom design shown above has been designed by SK Architectural Visualization, professional architects from Turkey. 

Wall clad in stone

So apart from the colours, wallpaper and motives, there is another wall cover as well that promises an earthy and organic look in the room. This is the wall stone. In most of the country houses and rustic houses, wall stones are used to complete the room décor. These are available in a variety of designs like bricks, washed stones, lime washed stones and even in asymmetrical stone layouts. A much cheaper version of wall stone is the brick or stone finished tiles that also impart a similar look. Another way to enjoy an inexpensive décor is by the use of wallpaper that gives the same impact as a stone layered wall. For an added drama you can even go with a combination of wood and stone.

Wooden wall

Wooden walls have been a thing of the past. However, much advancement can be seen in their texture, colour and shade. While earlier houses incorporated logs of wood to make walls, these have been stylishly replaced by wooden accents that can be arranged either horizontally or vertically to give a distinct country style look. You may even go with wood finished tiles that act as a perfect waterproofing layer too. Another use of wood is the incorporation of wooden pergolas projecting from the ceiling to the walls. This looks the best when paired with mute pastel shades. Apart from the country style décor, wooden walls are also preferred in media rooms as they help in uniform acoustics. These are also highly preferred in designing tree houses and wooden cabins.

Incorporate shelves

The shelves serve the dual purpose. Along with a stylish wall cover, they also act as an additional storage place. Gone are the days when simple wooden horizontal shelves were used in a symmetrical fashion. Trendy designs, asymmetrical shapes and even different materials have replaced them. While metal, acrylic and wood still make most of the wall shelves, now they can be designed in bizarre circular, concentric and even illusion filled shapes that are highly functional and visually appealing. They make a lovely wall cover and will never cease to amaze you with its phenomenal charm. You can either go with exposed or covered shelves according to your usage and taste. An exposed wall shelf can be a perfect place to organise and flaunt your esteemed book collection and lovely souvenirs

The vertical garden

A vertical garden is highly useful for people who do not have space for an actual garden or lawn. Specially designed for city dwellers, the vertical garden is just a modern take on widespread lawns. They help to bring the nature inside with live plants, making a substantial part of your living room. These indoor plants bring along a feeling of purity and positivity and fill the air with freshness. Likewise, you can even use a vertical wall full of small planters to add colour along with nature. These walls are easy to maintain and very easy to water with the help of water spray. Perfect for nature lovers, this wall will surely be the perfect stress buster after a long day at work.

Hope you liked these unique designs to embellish a wall. If you are looking to refurbish your home lately, here's an ideabook that is sure to provide you with many new ideas and concepts : A home filled with light

Is there any other idea you want to share with us regarding wall cover? Let us know in the comments below.

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