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6 ideas for the ultimate teenage pad

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The teenage years are a time of growing, maturity, and independence. It's natural for teenagers to want to spend more time alone, or with friends, rather than with the rest of the family. Naturally it's important to provide them with a space they can call their own and take ownership over. These spaces should be perfect for solitude, self exploration, and most importantly enjoyment. So what type of furnishing, décor, and items should these teenage pads posses? Continue reading to see some of the clever ideas we have compiled at homify. 

Fun and games

The word enjoyment was mentioned in the previous paragraph for good reason. With all the pressures of growing up in modern society it's important for teenagers to be able to have fun and forget the troubles of school, life, and even family. What better way to achieve this than including a pool table in their bedroom or other entertainment rooms? Pool tables are great for inviting friends over for a game or two, and they can also be a way to get other family members involved in some fun. 

A space for study

School and study are dominant themes in a teenagers life. A desk to undertake serious study is an integral necessity for a teenagers bedroom and are great way to promote a good work ethic. Here we have an industrial style Vintage desk that could be used to bring a mature element to a room. 

Record player

Everyone has a soundtrack to their teenage years. No matter how your teenage years were—the music from that era was an important part of growing up. With vinyl records making a stunning revival, its time to make the purchase of a turntable. This restored 1960s Vintage Regentone Portable Record Player is a both functional and would could be a cool addition. Teenagers can plug in their headphones to relax after a long day at school and listen to their favourite current bands such as Tame impala or The Arctic Monkeys  

Mature bedsheets

In the bedroom the cartoon and superhero themed bed sheets should be long gone. Consider bed sheets that are of mature shades such as creams, whites, and blacks. These bedding sheets are from waffle design and employ a light charcoal grey with pops of colour. 

Wake up!

Industrial, Dwell Dwell Bedroom Accessories & decoration

Waking up for school was always a nightmare with the temptation to press snooze on the alarm clock a daily challenge. Many would prefer a couple of extra minutes of precious sleep and deal with the consequences later. 

This alarm clock from Dwell boasts a slick curved design with hints of a retro past. We can't promise that teenagers will wake up when the alarm goes off, but we can promise that the alarm clock will be a stylish inclusion to the bedside table. 

Fun art

Art and decorations are an obvious necessity for any room. Here we have a voodoo inspired candle holder design that's sure to bring an exciting aspect to a teenagers bedroom. Night time will be far more interesting as the shadows dance and play with the flicker of the candle flame. 

Do you have children of a younger age? Perhaps the ideabook below will be of inspiration. 

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Which item would fit best in your teenagers room? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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