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Cliff House, Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd
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Perched on the side of a cliff is a one of the most breathtaking homes we have seen on homify. Entitled the Cliff House, the conceptual design is from Modscape following an approach from clients wanting to explore design options for extreme parcels of coastal land. This particular parcel is located in the southwest coast of Victoria, Australia, which is home to some of the most stunning and enviable natural environment in the world. 

With strong ties to its surrounding land and seascape, we can see how an idea can quickly turn into clever design concept for a modern home. Continue reading to see how this concept could become a reality!

Not for the faint hearted!

After finding the perfect land parcel it was time for the concept design. Modscape's client's desired a design that was anchored to the side of the coast rather than being built in the conventional method. Secondly the design had to be monumental!

Safe to say the Cliff House design fulfils these desires and more. Literally to be constructed on the edge of a cliff; the design is inspired by the way barnacles cling to the hull of a ship.

What could be..

With views that are closer to the ocean than any other property—the Cliff House would provide orientation towards the coasts headland and uninterrupted panoramic ocean views. Users will enjoy watching the waves of the ocean crash against the coast, and the colour of the ocean continually change from shades of blue, to jade to aqua. 

The finer details

Let's take a look at some of the finer details of the concept design. From the side on perspective, we can see how the structure will be a natural extension of the cliff face. Using prefabricated technologies the home will be delivered using a series of stacked modules that are anchored into the cliff face using engineered steel pins. Entry to the home will be through a carport on the top floor, where a lift connects the user through each of the living spaces. 

Spacious living

Internally, the living spaces will feature minimalistic furnishings to ensure open flowing spaces and a unique spatial experience. The location of the home remains the integral focal point of the design with uninterrupted or distractions. One of the most coveted rooms in the home is the master bedroom and ensuite. Featuring glazed walls the transcendent views of the ocean that allow users to observe the drama of the ocean. The sounds of the soothing ocean waves will be the natural soundtrack for a peaceful nights sleep. 

To finish our adrenaline fuelled visit of the Cliff House, let's take a look of how the house décor could potentially be like. As mentioned earlier, both furnishing and finishings in the house will be minimal. A muted colour scheme consisting of shades of whites, cream, and greys will be prominent allowing for a holistic internal décor. Furnishing will be more of an extension of the houses physical structure than conventional single pieces.  Visitors gaze will be guided naturally towards the ocean rather than being distracted flashy artwork or interior design features.  

All in all, it's an imaginative and clever design—let's hope that it will be built in the future!

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