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Magazine editorial - House in Sai Kung by Millimeter, Millimeter Interior Design Limited Millimeter Interior Design Limited Modern dining room
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This luxurious home is set within the quiet suburban area of Sai Kung, part of the New Territories of Hong Kong. Known for its beautiful beaches and with stunning views across the mountainous rainforest, it was important to the clients of Millemeter Interior Design Limited to have a home designed with a strong connectivity to the landscape, while at the same time presenting a sense of luxury and style. The end result is a design that is practical, aesthetically pleasing, and overall extravagant. So enough talk, lets begin the tour within this magnificent Hong Kong residence.

Modern living

The property is situated on a slim and long allotment which posed certain restrictions upon the potential layout and design of the home. The response was to build a home that was focused upon varying levels, giving the home a stacked appearance. The home is four levels, each setback as the height increases, with the top level being used as a roof terrace. Works were undertaken to align the internal lower ground floor level with the external level so that movement is fluid and uninterrupted between indoor and outdoor areas.

On display

No your eyes are not deceiving you—there is a brand new red Ferrari parked in the garage! Sitting at a raised level above the dining room and kitchen below, the garage has been constructed with glass walls, allowing for an unobstructed view of what is parked within. With custom lighting the Ferrari takes centre stage and is the ultimate status symbol. 

The showcased Ferrari may be the most unusual interior feature of this house, but the homes ultra modern interior styling is no less intriguing. There is a minimalist inspiration here, with an interior which consists of uninterrupted spaces and simple clean lines. An all grey and cream scheme of concrete and stone finishes provides the room with a muted feel, whilst furnishing is simple but elegant. 

Signature dish

From this perspective, evidence of the architects focus upon levels is most noticeable. The kitchen has been sunk below ground level, putting those dining closer to eye level with those in the kitchen preparing meals. Separation between the kitchen to the living space is a sleek transparent glass panel. The kitchen is fully equipped with shiny stainless steel and top of the range appliances. Cleverly, the table is made from the same material as the floor, and can be lowered and raised as pleased. Extra floor space can be freed up with the table able to be lowered all the way down to the ground level.

Outdoor entertainment

From this perspective we can see the luxurious outdoor decking area complete with a stunning lap pool. The design of the outdoor area morphs into the contours of the landscape and is framed by raw concrete and timber walls that mimic the façade of the house.

During those hot and humid Hong Kong days the lap pool offers much needed relief. To the rear there’s furnishing to lie down and enjoy the sunny rays. 

Dramatic statement

Now it’s time to show the luxurious ensuite bathroom. Not for those concerned with privacy, here we see a bedroom and bathroom ensuite that really blurs the line between spaces. There’s almost no real barrier between the sleeping and wash areas due to the use of a clear glass wall. The architects have created an illusion that gives the impression that the bedroom and ensuite are one large space. 

Sleek look

Taking a closer look at the master bedroom we can see a space that is simple and clutter free. The neutral colour scheme is continued in the bedroom with shades of grey, white, and cream providing a feeling of conformity and modernity. A highlight is the attached balcony allowing for panoramic views and sounds of the ocean and rainforest surrounds.

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