What to pay attention to when planning a kitchen?

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A kitchen is considered as the home center in every house. Whether it’s for preparing a meal, hanging out or sharing some quick bites, kitchen serves as a focal point of the whole house. Having a good design and well decorated kitchen makes the inmates of the house feel good for the same.

Now every city and every culture is extremely diverse and so is the preference of kitchen remodeling style. For the bigger areas many may prefer the Tuscan style kitchen having an extravagant look whereas the tradition lovers may enjoy a farm house style kitchen.  But whatever may be the preference the most important part of this activity is good and practical planning. Rushing through this project can only turn into disappointment and beyond budget costing. So the ideal way to initiate the work is by conducting a well constructed plan where few specific things must be given more attention than others. Here are the details of these points

Make Arrangements

The first step towards planning a kitchen is making extensive notes about all the things that would look best in the kitchen premises. Making a layout of the area and then a detail study on what should be included or discarded is good. One can refer to the multiple home styling magazines or scan the online portals to fetch new and innovative ideas. It is also beneficial to make a file of all the preferred design, styles and products that would be best for the new planned kitchen. Once the basics are selected, the next focus should be budget. A realistic and pocket friendly budget is always better rather than feeling frustrated for overspending. Once the budget is prepared match the products selected to take a final call on items to be used in the kitchen.


The next important part of kitchen planning is to note the list of equipments and appliances that needs to be included or installed in the kitchen. A well equipped kitchen is every homemakers dream and working without them is unthinkable for a cook. In today’s date a modern kitchen remains equipped with a lot of labor saving devices. There are machineries like blenders, mixers, cooking range, pressure cooker, microwave oven, food processors, OTG, Griller, dishwasher, chimney, cook top and many others. They are easier to use, makes cooking healthier and faster.  Make sure in purchasing appliances with Energy star which helps in saving a lot of power bills.

​Scheduling, Delivery and Construction

The next important task is scheduling the whole work and taking the necessary initiative to control the whole construction or remodeling. Managing individual contractors, looking after every construction detail, supervising on deliveries and organizing the whole work skillfully can be a tedious work. That is why, for a best in class look of the kitchen area, it may be beneficial to involve professional brains who can guide on the best and latest practices and can help in executing the task smoothly and without much hassle.

Wall Design

Planning for the kitchen would be absolutely incomplete without deciding on the wall designs. There are various options in this cadre but one of the popular ones are those which exhibits the personal style or interest of the inmates of the house. While deciding on the colors, one must keep in mind of choosing lighter shades to make the kitchen look bigger and more spacious. Wall Tiles can introduce a whole new dimension to the appearance of the kitchen. Specific patterns, unusual combination are always appreciable in this regard.

Flooring Design

Kitchen flooring is one of the integral features of kitchen planning. Kitchen in every house entertains maximum traffic along with unfortunate incidents like splashing of water, dropping things, stains spills and a whole lot more. That is why high quality based concrete flooring is always better in any kitchen. There are several choices for kitchen flooring available but each has its pros and cons. There are options of vinyl flooring, laminate flooring and ceramic flooring. Each one has good variety in terms of style, size, pattern, texture and color. The main difference in all stays in terms of costing and durability. Another important factor in choosing the flooring design is maintenance. Since it suffers a regular usage straightforward cleaning and maintenance is always preferable. Ceramic tiles are the best in this regard.

Furnishing Dinning area

Last but not the least is the dining area. This is the place where the whole family unites so a careful selection of the kitchen furniture not only makes the area homely but attracts the inmates to spend quality time there.  Furniture for the dining area should be choosed in accordance to the space available and in sync with the mode and tone of the area. Wooden variety is the most preferred quality for dining area for its durability and ethnic look. One can decorate the area with multiple ornamental additions that enhance the beauty of the area. To give a natural feeling including some greenery in the area is also quite attractive. One may introduce posters, paintings, old photographs, flower pots, in house plants, and a whole lot of ideas to give a special touch or theme to the overall look of the kitchen.

In a nutshell kitchen planning is never an easy task. It needs good observation, ample knowledge, careful selection, patience, endurance and proper implementation of ideas to get the desired effect for the kitchen. A theme should be conceptualized at the beginning and every factor should be selected in accordance to that theme. In all these cost maintenance is extremely important so that completion of the kitchen construction or remodeling is never interrupted.

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