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6 Storage ideas for small corridors and hallways

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As homes are shrinking the need to utilise every nook and corner is increasing. Be it a small corridor or a narrow staircase, spaces which were once traditionally left unused are now being used imaginatively to store things. Be it the bottom of a staircase or that empty wall down a long corridor here are 6 storage ideas for a small corridor or passageway.

Built in closet

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Innovative storage solutions.


The passageway next to a stairway often lies unused and the space under the staircase becomes a spot where dust and grime collects over the years. However converting the space under the stairs into a built in closet is one of the best ways to utilise this empty space and create more storage area at home. With sliding modular sections one can turn this space into a functional cupboard for clothes and shoes.

Camouflaged cabinet wall

The passageway next to a staircase often has an unutilised plain wall. This wall can easily be converted into a floor to ceiling cabinet. Painted in the same colour as the rest of the corridor the cabinet can be camouflaged into the wall and the passageway and yet provide plenty of storage for anything from shoes to blankets.

Mirrored cabinet

Having a mirrored cabinet in a corridor can achieve two results. The cabinet provides ample storage space for the innumerable things that crowd a home and the mirror-covered front of the cabinet helps to make the narrow corridor look more spacious. Good lighting can help a mirrored cabinet like this one here create a better impact.


One wall of a narrow long corridor can be converted into a long row of functional shelves. These shelves made of wood or metal will blend in with the corridor better if painted in the same shade as the wall, like the white shelves here designed by ATELIER D’ARQUITECTURA J. A. LOPES DA COSTA. These open shelves can be used to store books, toys or other souvenirs. Those who have a narrow stairway can turn the bottom of their stairs into shelves like here.

Stackable modules

Stackable modules are another interesting way to create storage in a narrow corridor or passageway. These square wooden modules stacked on top of each other till the ceiling can create a lot of storage space in the smallest corridor. One can use them to store books, toys and other home items lying helter skelter everywhere. Here's another stackable module next to a stairway.

L shaped wardrobe

If a corridor or passageway has two empty walls, then these walls can be used to create a wardrobe with corner modules more commonly known as an L shaped wardrobe. The L shaped wardrobe helps to utilise two walls instead of one and creates a lot of storage space even in a tiny corridor. Anything from a foyer to a corridor near a bedroom can be used as a spot for such an L shaped wardrobe.

Here are 5 compact wardrobe ideas.

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