7 ways to get a zero-maintenance indoor garden

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Contemporary Family Home, Aquarium Architecture Aquarium Architecture Modern dining room
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If you don't have a green thumb or simply don't want the hassle of tending to a big indoor garden, there are lots of alternatives. After all, green themes are in at the moment, but digging your fingers into fresh soil and tending to a real life garden isn't really for everyone. This can be particularly true for those trying to create an indoor garden in a small apartment where things can get really messy really fast.

So what are the alternatives? Well, there are lots of ways to create the look and feel of an abundant garden. Let's check out just seven indoor no-mess garden ideas. We bet some of them will surprise you!

1. An underwater garden

Contemporary Family Home, Aquarium Architecture Aquarium Architecture Modern dining room
Aquarium Architecture

Contemporary Family Home

Aquarium Architecture

An aquarium or fish tank is the ultimate indoor garden for neat freaks. Here we can see how stunning a green underwater garden can look when it's lit up with grow lights. 

2. Paper plants

We aren't big fans of fake flowers because they can often look tacky. A far better alternative is some playful paper plants. The natural lines of the foliage gives a room the light, soulful quality of an indoor garden without all the hassle.

3. Add some drama with oversized low-maintenance pot plants

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Cactus plants are extremely low maintenance once you learn how to tend to them. Make them into a garden display by scaling everything up and creating a collection with the perfect indoor pots. Just check out this indoor cactus garden by landscape designers Garden Studio.

4. Bamboo dividing wall

How totally cool is this bamboo dividing wall! It sits on a bed of white stones and really livens up the room. Something like this could be created in a rental home by placing a few bamboo stalks in a row up against the wall too.

5. Terrarium

Terrariums are a classic choice for a no-mess indoor garden. They have made a comeback in recent years so there are all sorts of hanging containers available too. Make the look work by creating a collection of different sizes terrariums with a various collection of species.

6. Vases for flowers or stalks of bamboo

A weekly bunch of flowers could easily be divided up into lots of smaller vases throughout the home. Alternatively, something like bamboo is great because it's really low maintenance and it will last forever.

7. Reflect a garden

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Appleby Oak Double Wardrobe with Mirrors

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If you have a neighbour with a lovely garden or just a green view, bring that greenery inside by strategically placing mirrors throughout the home. 

There is a huge amount that can be done to style up a home with no fuss. For all the insider tips, have a look at 15 pro secrets to decorate your home with style.

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