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Budget tips on how to stylishly furnish a student apartment

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Living with limited income during student life in a studio apartment can make even the sunniest of souls acutely homesick if they are living alone in a dull house. During this phase of single bedroom student life most people depend on do-it-yourself items like handmade cushions, artwork, furnishings and stuff from home to make their surroundings livable. Studio apartments that are selected in haste usually present insurmountable challenges so it is best to carefully select a place that allows sufficient amount of sunlight and airflow and fits into the budget.

As most studio apartments have only one or two rooms and every available space is on display, decoration can become an overwhelming exercise in the initial months. Here is some budget friendly furnishing tips that can help you find suitable storage for private stuff and streamline the chaos of packing boxes. These tips will make it easy for guests to distinguish between kitchen, bedroom and living area without breaking the bank.

Calm colors and cheap paint

During student life the feeling of home sickness is the most persistent which becomes more acute after every long holiday. The best trick to avoid this kind of nagging feeling that does not allow you to concentrate on studies and project is to make your student apartment warm and welcoming. Surround yourself with soft soothing colors and memories from home so the feeling of homesickness slowly reduces over a period of time.

The owner of this room has done just that by taking time off for two weekends to completely repaint her room with this soothing shade that provides a perfect backdrop for the pristine white bed and colorful printed pillows. Luckily the room has built in shelves that was installed by previous student so all she had to do was personalize it with a colorful mirror from her old bedroom and keep a couple of artificial flowers in an old plastic mug. Pretty picture frames from home now adorn wall above the headrest area and also the small side table.

Cheap flooring

Living on a student's budget does not mean that you have to compromise on quality of life. If the floor is made of cheap linoleum it is most likely to start peeling from the corners giving the floor a drab look. Purchasing a rug maybe a good idea but covering the complete floor will be an expensive exercise. The floor design shown in this picture may look very expensive but it can easily fit into a student's budget as it is only made of vinyl. This type of flooring is available in a wide range of designs, colors and finishes that can be selected to suit available budget. The beautiful design of birds and butterflies breaking free out the wall is a symbolic representation that you too can break free of budget constraints with this vinyl floor design.

Work with the height

When expansion in a horizontal manner is not easy, then moving vertically is the only solution. This is especially useful in studio apartments where every square foot of space is precious and most objects around the house are piled above each other. Study table is a luxury in a studio apartment and most students turn their beds into study rooms and get fold-able tables and chairs or repair discarded tables at home to use for studies.

To give students an interesting place to carry out their studies this space saving piece of furniture has been created by the design studio of MichaelHilgers from pieces of reclaimed wood that have been laminated. The work desk built in a flat rectangular shape vertically stands on two pedestals and is perfectly balanced as it opens up on two levels. The top level   can hang out like a table to write notes from the internet using the tablet that can be set up on the holder.

Vintage and second hand items

As a studio apartment is a temporary space most students prefer to spend as less as possible on decorating it. While some bring as much goodies as possible from home to personalize their space the more adventurous type browse thrift shops and hunt online for second hand items. With several online websites offering a range of second hand goods from a bicycle to a car and bookshelf to shoe-rack one student buyers just have to be a little innovative in purchasing second hand items to use in their homes.

Here is a bookshelf created from discarded paint drum with wheels to drag it around the apartment. The designer has split drum in half and fixed its edges with hinges so it can be easily opened and closed. Interiors and exteriors have been smoothed out and given a fresh coat of paint while insides have been fitted with thin wooden planks to hold books.

Multifunctional furniture

Nothing saves more space and money than multi functional furniture when you are a student. Abandoned ladders in the garage turn into bookshelves and old shoe racks get dusted up and used again. As space is a scarce item in studio apartment every inch has to be utilized efficiently to keep the area neat and chaos free.

This picture presents a powerful piece of eclectic style multi functional furniture that can turn into a bed at night and becomes a display case during the day. The entire structure comprising of twin door cupboard, bed, top cabinets and open shelves on the side may cost you a leg and an arm but the expenditure is worth it. The smart cupboard cum bed unit will solve all your storage needs be it books or clothes.  Even the display unit can be used to keep small mementos from home or those given be friends that can be removed before pulling out the bed to sleep.

Stylish and Cheap Lighting

Metal light frames are the best choice when you are on a student budget and want to make a studio apartment impressive and smart. Though every studio apartment has its own lighting system it is usually in the form of a couple of recessed lights or long tubes fixed to a corner of the roof. These metal frames in the picture are in different shapes and designs that add to their fun element of this collection.

Looking for an interesting eclectic mix like this then try to spend some time exploring second hand stores though these can be purchased from any yard sale. This collection of stylish yet cheap light frames shows that being on a budget does not mean you have to stay in a drably decorated apartment. These frames can be hand-painted with colors of your apartment or in neutral tones like white, black, blue or silver and hung from the ceiling with long chains in same color to make your roof look lavish and stylish.

If you are looking for more trendy decor ideas for a studio apartment then this book may meet your needs.

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