Which window is best for your home?

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Homeowners looking to remodel their house have nearly unlimited choices when it comes to the window. There are endless numbers of designs, styles, materials, colours, and patterns available in the market. This might sound like good news, and in a way it is, but when it really comes down to picking ‘one’ window from the pool of inexhaustible choices, it is bound to baffle the homeowners. With each one looking better than the other, making the right choice can get really difficult. On top of that, there are number of things to be considered before buying including ventilation, protection, aesthetic value, material, and personal budget. Here is a sneak peek into different types of windows available in the market and how they can add value to the house aesthetically and functionally.

Bay Window

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Cafe Style Shutters for Bay Windows


Bay windows provide aesthetically dramatic visual appeal and this is one of the primary reasons why they are chosen by the homeowners. A view from the outside and the sparkling glass provides a neat, modern perspective to the house. From the inside, these windows lend a touch of class to the decor and give a feeling of added space to the room. These factors instantly enhance the resale value of the house. Offering the panoramic view, these windows allow the natural light to stream through the panes from multiple angles. The versatility in the design ensures there is something for every decor style.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are indeed the most popular types of window designs. Hinged to the frame, the panes of the windows can be swung open completely. The design of the window doesn’t have to offer much in terms of style. However, choosing the right material and colour will make them blend perfectly with the interiors and tie the whole room together easily. Casement windows are pretty easy to open and provide excellent ventilation. They are not perfectly suited for the installation of air conditioner and also do not allow screens or storm windows.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are also sometimes referred to as fixed window for the eponymous reasons. These windows are fixed and cannot be opened. But the large glass panes definitely serve one big purpose – if the window overlooks the picturesque landscape outside, it can provide a breathtaking spectacle to the homeowners. Since the picture window designs do not involve and movable part, their maintenance cost is virtually zero. These windows provide excellent heat gain, which is extremely desirable during winters. However, without any coating, they can really heat up the room in summers. Also, they offer no ventilation.

Single/Double Hung Windows

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Aluminium Clad Wood Sash Windows

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The hung windows—single or double—are pretty common in the households. However, double hung windows have gained more popularity in the recent times and have outstripped their single counterpart. The traditional style of the single and double hung windows goes well with just about any home decor. They definitely have a classical feel, and when chosen correctly, they can be a great supplement to the room decor. There are a number of choices available in materials, finishes, styles, colours, and sizes. They are also pretty easy to maintain and are also cost-effective. However, double hung window is better than single and also costs more.

Slider Windows

These window designs are perfect for those who want to brighten up their rooms or want to frame a picturesque view outside. Aside from the aesthetic values, these windows also have many utilitarian benefits. They are quite easy to use as one just needs to slide them side to side to open or close. They also have fewer mechanical parts and hence are easy to maintain. But cleaning them from outside may pose some challenge, especially when the weather condition is unfavourable.

​Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are very much like casement windows with the difference that it opens on the inside. These windows come with very little aesthetic value and hence are best suited for basements. Glazing them in the living rooms may spoil the decor as they would look out of place. However, they can be installed in the bathroom, where, with the right colour choice, they will blend quite easily.  These windows provide good ventilation and are easy to operate. They can also protect the home from the moisture in the damp weather conditions.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are more or less like bay windows but they extend a little bit overhead. These windows can truly enhance the room decor. Since they protrude from the outer wall of the room, one gets the feeling of added space. In fact, they do open up a little more space as they are jut from the outer wall. These windows definitely have an elegant appeal to them. With light entering from different directions, they illuminate the room during the day pretty well. They are available in a number of designs, materials, and styles, thereby giving nearly unlimited options for window designs to the homeowners.

Bespoke Windows

While the above listed window designs are the standards followed during glazing in most of the households, one does not have limit themselves to them. There are several window makers out there who provide bespoke designs to match the personal preferences and personality of the homeowners. Bespoke design can be created with aesthetic modifications to the standard designs or from the scratch. Depending upon one’s creative knack, bespoke windows can provide an aesthetic appeal like nothing else.

While exploring the window designs the home homeowners should know exactly what they want. The purpose and need will help making the right window choice. Windows are available in many styles and prices. The interior decor of the house, the purpose of buying windows, and the finances are the things to bear in mind.

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