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Antiques have a class of their own and they can never be replaced with the modern and chic line of furniture. Classic styled sofa sets, bedroom sets and even tables as well as cabinets can be used throughout the house. One of the eras that have had the biggest impact on interiors and designing is the Victorian era. Interiors inspired from this era have found way into almost every house in some form or the other. Designed by Freelance designers from Hyderabad, this residence boasts of class, elegance and style. 

Adding a royal touch to the living room furniture

Making use of Victorian style interiors is a good way to introduce a classic touch. This kind of furniture has a distinct use of wooden frames and patterned fabric. The wood is generally highly polished teak or other variety. The good thing about Victorian and classic furniture is that is can be mixed with modern equipment or appliances such as a TV or stereo. Another Victorian styled interior that can be used in the living room is large and broad wood framed oil paintings.

Wood furniture in the kids’ bedroom

Although a trademark of Victorian interiors is dark brown colored wood furniture, it can be used in other colors as well. To bring symmetry to the room it is a good idea to keep all furniture in the same color and the walls and other accessories like decals and curtains in contrasting colors. If one is planning to use a wall decal then a corresponding color on the wall is a good idea. Fusing or mixing classic with contemporary is a style that is catching on. It can be mostly seen in the choice of furniture and the accessories used in the room. While the furniture used is classic or Victorian era wood furniture, other accessories such as lamps and lighting can be in the modern style.

Balustrades and staircase in Victorian design

One of the most significant features of the Victorian style mansions and houses that one sees is the sweeping staircases and grand balustrades. Incorporating these into one’s home is fairly simple. Marble stairs and high wooden balustrades with a waxed finish will give the same feel.

The evergreen four poster bed

Another feature of the classic Victorian era is the use of four poster wooden beds.  These can be mixed with some very good accessories like hanging multi colored lamps from the ceiling or table lamps on the side table next to the bed. Four poster beds are not significant of only the Victorian era, but also remind one of the royal families from Rajasthan and across India. It is a traditional mark of the royal families that can be incorporated into the design of one’s house.

Adding design to the bathroom

It is not just the living room or bedroom that can be decorated, but also the bathroom that can be given Victorian touches. One can use wallpaper in the bathroom on walls that are not exposed to the shower area. Large motifs that are consistent with the Victorian designs along with heavy iron framed mirrors would help achieve the Victorian look inside the bathroom.

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