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In India a home is for a lifetime, many families invest their life long savings in building homes, that will serve for multiple generations to come. Today, modern home owners prefers to have minimal yet spacious homes in the city. This concept of keeping furniture and decorative items in a room to the bare minimum is termed as minimalist design. It is fairly easy to incorporate and has a lot to do with colours, creativity and personal taste. Let's walk you through this wonderful charming abode which has an excellent display of minimalist designs to render an ultra-modern look. Designed by Switchover Studio, the Khar residence is purely a visual delight. 

A place for everything

While many people feel that decoration means everything should be coordinated and matched to perfection, there are people who get away with completely destroying that notion. In this picture, four chairs have all been coloured differently and placed around the table in contrast against the white walls. The use of spotlight lamps installed on the ceiling is evident here,  and even though nothing matches, it  seems to bring a charm into the space. Such a look can only be achieved against a white background. The subtle hints of nature in the room also play an important role in enhancing the charm of the space.

Dressed in white shades

Almost anything looks beautiful when it is placed against a white background. White walls are also preferred by home owners because they make the room look spacious and airy. This room lives up to the concept, however there are some interesting additions to it. The split level created next to the window where only a settee and sofa have been placed is unusual but also a common trend seen in Indian homes. Mismatched furniture has been put together around the carpet, carrying forward the concept of mix and match . Spotlight lamps embedded on the ceiling  bring in a modern touch to the room.

If you love using wood in  home decor, here is a nice piece of inspiration  : The wooden house 

A wall of memories

This is an amazing way to share your memories. Instead of the standard and the usual way of framing and hanging photos on a wall this is extremely creative. However, one should carefully observe how the overhead lamps have been placed so that they channel light directly on this wall, thus bringing focus onto this part of the room.

Designer elements

A designer home can also have designer doors and today people are more open to experiment with shapes and funky patterns on their doors. This main door also sports a unique design which reminds one of pigeon holes in antique study tables. Made from good quality teak wood,  it has been given a nice finish. The letter slot is a good addition, one that is not very common. The small installation of the birds sitting on a branch on the wall behind the door is  a nice contrast against the grey tones of the wall.

Bringing the colours into the bedroom

One remarkable aspect of this bedroom is the use of multiple colours. The yellow shades of the wardrobe, pastel shades of the bed and the stark white hues of the walls, all come together to create a very cheerful atmosphere. The wood panel flooring should not be missed out upon because it contrasts extremely well with the yellow and marble and  would not have looked as grand as this. This home is truly charming wherever you go.

The design for which room impressed you the most? Let us know in the comments below.
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