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5 pictures of modern and inspiring staircases

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Everyone dreams of a modern house today and to achieve that desired look can sometimes be difficult. There are many inspirational designs that you can find online but they all miss out on one important thing which is the staircase. 

Here are the 5 best staircase ideas that can help you transform any space into a beautiful and well-decorated room.

1. Contemporary living room

If you desire a modern looking living room and are searching for ideas to convert it, then adding a glass railing to your staircase, similar to this picture can be an excellent idea. Most of us already have a staircase passing through our living or dining space and by adding just this simple element we can make it look beautiful.

Artistic touch

Another great way to add some glamor to your staircase is by incorporating bright paintings that will bring in an element of art. If you have a space that uses light or pastel colour furniture, then this is the best way to uplift the entire mood of the room.

2. Unique den

Unlike conventional homes if you have a spiral staircase passing through all your floors then sprucing it up with a wooden railing is also worth a short. This is not only an excellent way to add stability to the staircase, but it also makes the room look beautiful and complete.

Space saving

Apart from this these staircases are also great if you are seeking to save some space on the floor plan. The railings used on these spiral stairs are shiftable and can be utilized as a barrier between rooms, making it easy for you to cordon off a particular area.

3. Floating staircase

For those who love customizable and unique designs for their homes adding similar looking floating stairs is highly recommended. They not only act as a divider between two rooms, but they also allow you to see across the room without any disturbance.

Light source

These staircases are also a good option as they do not disturb the natural light source and it also allows the light to be spread in every corner of the room. Placing them against a wall is also a great idea to save space and yet have a fully functional ladder.

4. Wall mounted staircases

To create something that is not only modern but is also unique utilizing this type of wall mounted staircase is advised. These stairs are fixed right into the wall, so they do not require additional support, which makes them light.


If space is a constraint and you still want to create a similar looking design then utilizing the area below the staircase is a must. The space that we waste usually can be transformed into amazing organizers by just adding open shelves.

5. Bright glass screen

The most convenient way to convert the entire staircase without much hassle is by adding a light or LED glass screen that separates the ladder from the rest of the room. By introducing different colour lights to the display, you can customize the look whenever you want.

Additional elements

To accessorize the cordoned off space, adding details like lights or a wall railing is also a great idea. Due to the glass screen used in this picture by the designer, you can notice that the staircase also looks spacious.

Here are some more ideabooks for similar inspirational designs.

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