32 contemporary designs for your bathroom

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Bathroom is the most important and underrated part of our house. It doesn't have to be very big and grand, but it has to be functional and good-looking. After all, this is the space we use to get energy for the rest of the day, and this is the space we use for a deep hot water bath when we have had a tiring day.

To make your bathroom look beautiful and well designed here are 32 contemporary layout ideas that you can use.

1. Tile patterns

Using tiles with great designs can really help transform your bathroom. You can either opt for neutral colours that go with any type of fixtures or choose custom patterns.

2. Windows

Introducing big windows in your bathroom might not sound necessary but they can help uplift your entire mood after a long day.

3. Ceramic sanitary ware

Using white sanitary ware in your bathroom can give it a modern look. They are also easy to maintain and will go well with almost any theme that you might have around the house.

4. Natural light

Introducing proper source of light into your bathroom is a must in order to make it feel bigger and brighter. 

5. Colour combination

Using white colour with other darker colour tones can give you a unique looking bathroom design. It will help you style the space without adding many elements.

6. Pastels

If you are looking to create a soothing effect in your bathroom then opting for pastel colours is the correct way to go. Choosing powder blue like the designer has for this picture will make the bathroom look grand.

7. Long shower space

In spite of the traditional square shower area creating a rectanular portion will help you utilise your bathrooms floor plan well.

8. Wall shelves

For better storage space in your bathroom adding open wall shelves is a must. This will take way less space than your floor organizers.

9. Plants

To enhance the overall beauty of your bathroom adding small potted plants in corners is highly recommended.

10. High rise tiles

Using neutral colour tiles on the walls of your bathroom will help you build a beautiful space. Covering the entire height of wall like the designer has in this picture,  will save it from water seepage.

11. Corner layout

Laying out the sanitary ware all around the corners can free up the floor space of your bathroom, hence, making it look bigger and airy.

12. Wall design

Introducing embossed wall designs to your bathroom can be a great way to create a unique looking interior.

13. Picture windows

If you have a small open space outside your bathroom then installing picture windows that blend the interiors with the natural landscape outside is advised.

14. Metallic

For those who love darker tones of colour, painting the entire bathroom with metallic colours can also be a great way to create a fresh looking design.

15. Mirror

Using a big mirror in the bathroom will help reflect the light in every corner of the room, thus, making it look spacious.

16. Separate sections

If your house has a small bathroom then separating the shower from the rest of the space is advised. This way two people will be able to use the bathroom at the same time.

17. Colourful

Another great way to uplift the design of your bathroom is by adding colourful elements. In this picture the designer has used bright colour tiles to highlight the entire area.

18. Focal wall

If you want to create a focal point for your bathroom then using the mirror wall is a good plan. Adding customised wooden designs like these can make your bathroom stand out.

19. Wall mounted sanitary ware

Freeing up the floor space by using wall mounted sanitary ware is something that can be done in every bathroom. This will also give you additional storage space.

20. Lights

Another great way to make your bathroom look pretty is by adding statement holders or shandeliours of lights. This is the best way to make your bathroom look modern.

21. Vanity mirrors

Most of us don't have the additional space to include a dressing table or vanity in our homes. For this reason adding vanity mirrors that use highlighters can be very useful.

22. Neon colour

If your bathroom has pastel colour fixtures and walls then adding neon colour elements like linen or lights can transform the look completely.

23. Rustic

If you are someone who loves barn style rooms then adding heavy wooden bars like these to the ceilings can be a great way to achieve your desired look.

24. Designer cabinets

Adding custom or designer storage cabinets to your bathroom is also a great way to redesign the space.

25. Fixtures

Adding the right kind of fixtures that blend with the rest of the bathroom is a must. Using simple silver taps or shower heads can help you blend the look together.

26. Minimising storage

By simply adding towel hangers or railings you can utilize the wall space well and give place to other important things in your bathroom.

27. Sleek sanitaryware

If the space in your bathroom is limited then using sleek sanitaryware is an option that you can consider.

28. Wooden elements

Using old wooden elements like organizers and sink tables can add a regal look to your bathroom. This is also an excellent way to reuse old wooden furnitures.

29. Decoration

If you don't want to completely redesign your bathroom then adding small items of decoration is also a way to transform the area.

30. Theme

Using warm tones of colours for a cozy feel is also recommended if you are looking to create a relaxing vibe or theme in your bathroom.

31. Shower layout

Introducing designer tiles into the shower square is also a great way to achieve a contemporary look for your bathroom.

32. Individual space

If you are looking to add a shower, tub, and other sanitary ware in one space then separating them will glass barriers or facades is recommended to create harmony.

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