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36 Main entrance ideas perfect for small houses

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Building a beautiful entrance can set the mood for the rest of the house. Most people struggle with ideas on how to transform their front entrance, as it should set the tone for what the interiors of the house reflect. Yet, it should give the façade a unique look that makes a memorable impression in the eyes of the onlookers. It’s for that reason, we have put together 36 different design options that you can use for your home's main entrance design.

1. Stone walls

If you are looking for a simple design for your front entrance then adding two customized stone walls on either side of your door can be a great idea.

2. Partitions

If you have a small entrance like shown in the picture, then you can use a metal resistant materials to create a partition between you and your neighbor.

3.Rustic feel

For a more rustic look, you can add flat stones all around your main door which will give the entrance a countryside feel and make it look beautiful.

4. Imposing wall

If you have a two story house, then constructing such imposing walls that reach all the way up to the second floor ceiling can help you achieve a great look.

5. Steps

Adding steps to a small entrance will make your front entrance look bigger. The designer in this picture has also added some potted plants which give it chick look.

6. Wooden pallets

Using vertical wooden pallets like these can help transform the exterior of your home. You can also lay them out in different designs to customizeall the other rooms as well. 

7. Wooden bars

If you have a picture window on your front entrance then covering them with similar looking wooden bars can also be an interesting way to transform the area.

8. Small garden

By adding a small garden in the front  along with a few stairs that lead to the main entrance you will be able to add a touch of natural beauty to the area.

9. Plant facade

For an intresting looking design adding a facade of flowers on the main entrance wall is a great idea. You can play with the idea by either adding potted plants or creepers.

10. False ceiling

Adding a false ceiling is a great way to make your driveway look bigger. It is also customizable so you can select almost any design you want.

11. Plants

One of the cheapest and the simplest ways to redesign your front entrance is by adding plants. Combining different varieties of potted plants can give your entrance an exotic feel.

12. Metal and glass panels

Similar looking metal and glass panels will not only add to the overall beauty of your entrance but will also protect your house from harsh weather conditions.

13. Wooden roof panel

Adding a small section of wooden roof panel on top of your main entrance door is a great way to make your home facade stand out. These panels are also inexpensive and easy to maintain.

14. Potted plants

By adding a few potted plants on either side of your door, you will not only be able to cover the entire place, but it will also make the landscape look natural.

15. Concrete U-shaped stairs

Concrete being one of the most durable materials can be a very good choice to make stairs for your entrance.

16. Wooden porch

If you are looking to build your porch then adding a high wooden block with some ceiling panels is an excellent idea to cover the area.

17. See-through facade

Customizing similar looking panels to add above the walkway will give your home the added weather protection that it needs.

18. Stone clad

To create a special look for your entrance adding stones to the wall is highly advised. Beach stones are the perfect option for achieving a similar looking facade.

19. Colors

By painting the walls of your entrance with natural looking colors, it will help the walls to blend with its surroundings.

20. Dark colour frames

To highlight the small entrance of your house, painting the frames and the facades of your door with a dark color is a must.

21. Geometrical design roof

If you decide to add a false ceiling to your entrance then choosing geometric designs can help divert the light source. The great thing about such ceiling is that it will not block the light completely.

22. Bright colors

Using bright colors with rustic themes can lift the entire mood of the place. It is a sureshot way of making your entrance look amazing.

23. Mosaic wall

Another great design idea for your entrance is a mosaic wall that can help you customize the entire look as per your wish.

24. Levels of potted plants

If you are looking for a budget solid option to design your entrance then adding potted plants on different levels of your walkway is something that you must consider.

25. Stone age

Redesigning the entire front portion of the house by using stones or pebbles on the wall is a great way to add some charm to the entrance.

26.Glass ceiling

Stained glass is also an option to consider if you want a ceiling that is fully covered and yet does not interfere with the natural source of light.

27. Fountain

There are many types of fountains available in the market, and similar looking wall fountains are the perfect choice for small entrances.

28. Floor design

Adding beautiful tiles or other stone slabs to the entrance floor will help you achieve a modern and chic look.

29. Additional elements

One of the easiest ways to make the entire place come together is by adding small details like floor mats and plants.

30. Door frame

If you are looking to highlight just the main entrance door then adding tiles or other designs around it can also help.

31. Extended porch

It is not important that you cover the entire front portion of your house. By leaving a certain portion open you can easily blend the exteriors of the house with the sheltered areas.

32. Light color facade

Adding light color false ceilings or shades are recommended as they are the best way to brighten up the entire space and make it feel airy.

33. Fence

Keeping the overall design simple is something that will help you achieve a great look. By adding just a fence on the front porch, you can have a bit of privacy and yet not interfere with your surroundings.

34. Lights

If you wish to create a particular mood for your entrance then accessorizing it with the right type of lights is a must.

35. Separating areas

Specifying the car parking and the walkway is a must to identify the space correctly. Constructing arches like these can help you do justice to the space.

36. Wall planters

Another great way to utilise the entrance wall is by adding wall mounted horizontal planters. These planters are easy to construct which makes them one of the best transforming choice.

For similar design options check out our ideabooks.

Another idea – A minimalist house entrance

The entrance of the house needn’t be lavish and extravagant. Sometimes, simplicity can reflect style in volumes, like in this residence where pave stones set in the lush green lawn and a few trees and shrub borders on the side create a stylish and welcoming entrance.

A maintenance-free house entrance design

Whether the plot lacks space for a garden or the clients lack time or interest in maintaining one, professionals try to optimise the available space in the entranceway so that it looks beautiful. In this entrance design, a tiled driveway, which includes a natural stone carpet near the main door works perfectly to lend a sophisticated look in the absence of lush greenery.

Which one of these main entrances inspired you the most?

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