10 bright ideas to decorate your home with modern lighting

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Alcove Storage Units Style Within Modern living room
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Lights have the ability to improve the interiors and exteriors of a house and make it a welcoming place for its residents and guests alike. Lighting arrangement should be made keeping in mind the general layout of the house and awkward corners that would be left in darkness if certain lights are switched off. An essential part of decoration, lighting affects mood and environment within a house therefore should be balanced and versatile enough to maintain harmony.                                                                          

Through this book we shall show you how Homify’s designers have employed budget friendly lighting arrangements to decorate homes in the best possible manner keeping in mind the size, background and furniture layout. It will display through ideas, how use of appropriate lighting can enhance or overshadow décor of a room and make it look spacious or cramped.

1. Soothing illumination in the bedroom

Bedroom illumination is always soft and soothing to lull the mind and body to rest and sleep.  Combination of different lighting arrangements on the ceiling and walls along with small table lamps can be switched on when required for reading, provide just the right kind of illumination in this modern bedroom. To cast illumination on essential objects on the wall, positional lighting with have been attached to the ceiling which light up every time the top ceiling is switched on.

2. Special flare unit

Choice of lighting units is as important as choosing the furniture as decorative lighting units can be used as part of essential interior décor to perform twin functions.  In a small corner seating area as this, small lights like floor lamps and central hanging lamps make the region appear bright and spacious even though it lacks natural light.

3. Lights in multiple locations

Victorian living room Style Within Modern living room
Style Within

Victorian living room

Style Within

Hidden Illuminations impact aesthetics and improve the elegance of a room and its objects by reflecting around them. Recessed lights around the cupboards and below the shelves give the eclectic living room luxurious elegance in partnership with artistic wall sconce and silver white lamp.

4. Glow against silky background

The region behind the headrest here has been focused upon to create a combined atmosphere of serenity and ethereal glow.  Besides the tiny recessed lights across the wall that cast a soft glow against the silken backdrop there are elegant small drop down lamps close to the chocolate bar shaped headrest.

5. Personalized lighting

Bedroom reflects the taste of its owners through furniture and furnishings along with mood lighting around the bed and seating areas. Here the focused ceiling lights focus around the pictures whereas the delicate recessed lights keep the modern bedroom bright and cozy whether it is used for sleeping or for just lazing around watching television.

6. Intelligent lighting for study

Everyone knows the importance of sufficient lighting for studies and here the designers have used their experience to create the perfect atmosphere to enable easy concentration without making mind or eyes tired. The lighting arrangement consists of table lamps and ceiling lights which together create a bright environment ideal for study or simple reading activities.

7. Glowing country kitchen

The illuminations below the wooden cabinet and around cooking range give a stylish edge to the counters. Neutral tone of the interiors and sparkling steel appliances give a modern feel to this country style kitchen.

8. Ideal distribution of colors

Alcove side cabinets Style Within Modern living room
Style Within

Alcove side cabinets

Style Within

All white background comes to life with colourful furniture and clever illumination that is a combination of ceiling lights and wall sconces to create a magical setting. Industrial style cone shaped chandeliers make a harmonious partnership with decorative white wall sconces to brighten the area.

9. Candles for a romantic bedroom

There is nothing better than candles and flowers to create romantic atmosphere and when these are applied to a cozy bedroom decorated in wood and velvet it sets the mood for romance.

10. Dressing up the entrance

A simple foyer leading up to the leading room containing a shoe rack and planter has been given an industrial style finish with row of stylish lights along the ceiling leading from front door to living room.

After understanding the importance of lighting let us now help you to explore Great ideas to decorate your house with wrought iron.

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