15 ideas to separate your room without walls

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Open floor plan may offer plenty of open space but defining different areas of rooms will be difficult without visible signs of segmentation. In present world of interior decoration there are several materials that can be used for making dividers of varied designs and sizes to fit into the house wherever required. A quick study of the room layout will give you a fair idea about the kind of divider that would be best suited to create order in the region and you can also take professional help of interior decorator.

Do come with us on a short tour to explore the different types of room dividers that can be applied inside the house according to need and purpose. As dividers are an  important part of interior decoration, their color, design and form has to be selected carefully to integrate it into the house in a classy and stylish manner.

1. Latticed wood bars

When plain unpainted wooden bars from floor to ceiling are set in close proximity to each other within a small space they can separate environments without leaving the regions incommunicado. Here the bars are used in both vertical and horizontal placements in region which need privacy while retaining connection with each other.

2. Transparent curtains

Curtains have been used to separate interiors for several centuries and here a transparent variety has been used to segment the dining area from other sections. Curtains are the most preferred dividers as they are easy to manipulate and can be pushed in place when privacy is required within an instant and can be pushed back without effort after purpose is met. 

3. Wood panel with plants

Wooden panel can also be used as a planter shows this trendy divider extending from floor to high ceiling. Instead of a plain panel there are intermediary segments set at standard intervals containing indoor plants in a stylish way. As you can see the entire combination of panel and plants makes a colourful separator that brings class to this room.

4. Geometrical figures with metal rods

For a fluid and spacious living room without barriers the designer has given it an industrial style divider in the form of iron rods placed in crisscross geometrical designs. The soft neutral shades of the furnishings and décor add to the classic style atmosphere of this elegant living room.

5. Modern bathroom separator

Small spaces feel stuffy when walls are in close proximity to each other so bathroom designers prefer to set up dividers that create subtle outlines for different areas. Here the bathtub has been given twin separators in the form of glass wall and open shelf that divides it from toilet to give a stylish edge to .

6. Open metal shelves

The open metal stand with shelves may act as a visible barrier between two sections of the house but it does not conceal anything due to the design. But these open shelves receive a colorful fillip when adorned with indoor plants, which not only provide privacy by also lend beauty to the region. Overhead lighting set within the black metal frame above the peaceful sitout gives an air of exclusivity to it.

7. Opaque wood panel

A thick plywood panel set into a steel frame separates the modern dining region into two parts in a stylish manner. This partial panel open on both sides makes it easy to move around and creates elegant backdrop for long dresser set against it.

8. Steel divider with colorful panels

This permanent divider here is constructed out of iron rods that have been given geometrical shapes and set within iron frame that is all white. The frame's innermost squares are in similar color as the room's walls and the entire structure allows free flow of air and light across the region.

9. Cabinet style seperator

This cabinet style separator of two rooms is made of rustic wood with open shelves to stack objects that can be viewed from both sides of the barrier. This permanent barrier is large enough to also stack heavy décor objects due to deep width of the shelves which will also bring some privacy.

10. Barrier with light shining through

When absolute privacy is required between two sections of the room then a stylish wall like this may come in handy that does not touch the ceiling but hides some regions from view.   With a design like this the rooms are connected as the wall just stops several inches below the ceiling and common features keep the rooms connected.

11. Lightweight display

A display case slim and white as this with open spaces can reflect light to make the region bright and charming from all angles. The carpenter has smartly created multiple sized shelves to easily store every kind of décor, books and other essentials.

12. Wooden elements

Versatile wooden bars at work again that quickly create a transparent barrier between living room and home office and does not require much planning as it is made of inexpensive materials.

13. Blue steel lattice work

The color theme in this region of the house is predominantly blue that brings a pleasant change from white and off-white tones which is commonly used when owners seek neutral tones. To complement the furniture and layout the metal separator with lattice design is also of a delicate pewter blue tone that brings an old world charm to the region.

14. Angular wood divider

This stylish divider may be made of wood but its design sets it apart from usual transparent ones. The triangular pieces of wood within the gaps partially close the spaces and diminish clear view of the region beyond.

15. Transparent frame of steel

We conclude the collection with  an elegant black iron frame barrier to divide the kitchen and living room. A transparent barrier has been applied here as closed one would cut off the kitchen from the dining and living room areas while this open design keeps them connected.

For more ideas about unobtrusive room barriers do read these Curtain ideas for your home.

Which idea do you think is the best among all? Do let us know your comments below.

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