6 Interior decor tips for a small house

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As life is getting more fast paced, more and more people are crowding to the bigger cities of India. Homes in the big cities are getting smaller and people are learning to live innovatively in the tiniest of spaces. Just because a house is small it needn't look drab. Even the smallest of homes can look more spacious and attractive with the right kind of interior decor. Here are 6 interior decor tips for small houses.

Use mirrors

Mirrors trick the eye into thinking there is more space when there isn't. A mirrored cupboard or a mirror wall can make a space look twice its actual size as mirrors add depth to a room. While using mirrors everywhere may not be functional or possible, cabinets, cupboards, walls and even ceilings are good places to use mirrors in a small home.

Use light colours

Using light colours makes rooms look larger. White or cream are the best colours for small homes as they make rooms look much more spacious than they are. Be it walls, ceiling, floors, doors or furniture, opting for these in shades of white and cream can help a room look immensely better. However, there should be a certain balance and if one opts for everything white the room may look too whitewashed. Therefore temper white in a small home with some wooden or colourful tones like the wooden floor here which balances the rest of the white room.

Use vertical space

Since there isn't much horizontal space in a small house, space can only be created vertically. A tiered floor like the room here designed by MERITXELL RIBÉ can create space vertically even in a very tiny space. One can even add a mezzanine floor to one's home and create an additional room in a small home.

Use sliding doors

Walls have a restricting feel, doors on the other hand create an open and airy feeling. Sliding doors make a room look much more spacious. Be it big French windows or entire walls turned into sliding glass doors that lead into a balcony or another room, sliding doors make a small home look less cramped. Break away from the confines of walls and welcome more light into a small home with sliding doors.

Opt for built in closets

Closets and cupboards are one of the biggest things at home that eat away space. Thus in a small home opting for built in closets is the smartest way to save space. Be it a regular wooden built in closet or a mirrored built in closet or an interesting built in closet with a split image like the one here designed by ASTIDKORA, a built in closet is the need of the hour for every small home.

Choose functional furniture

Another way to save space in a small home is to choose functional furniture. Be it a sofa cum bed like the one here in the kids room or a functional bed with shelves below, any multipurpose furniture will be a valuable addition to a small home. These pieces of furniture needn't be ugly, they should be the perfect combination of beauty and practicality.

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