How to Create More Storage Space in the Kids Room

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In most homes, one of the common problems faced by parents is the cluttered and chaotic look of a kid’s room. Children need space to store their belongings, so for designing the kid’s room one must keep two major parameters in mind, fun and functionality. The very first step towards functionality is proper storage area. Traditional furniture’s are great to store a lot of goods but they are usually not in sync with the room décor or they use a lot of floor space making the room look clumsy. The best way to deal with the situation is to implement some practical and unique storage ideas that solve the purpose without ruining the décor. Here are some tips that are creative as well as practical and helps in storing a lot of goods and making the room look tidy and decent.

Pick Your Storage Space of choice

It is critical to find out the area within the room which should be utilized as a storage space. The choice of space should be done considering the activity areas of the child. For example, one can introduce storage units under the bed in the form of drawers for storing essentials. In fact if the full length under the bed is utilized, one can have enough space to stuff in larger and smaller goods. Kid’s room usually has stools or ottomans which can be used as a storage unit to store toys or clothes.  This way storage would be done without using much floor space. It should be remembered that the type of storage space should be choosen in sync with the décor of the room.

Know your Kid

Decoration of any sort in a kids room needs to be done considering the preference and interest of the kid staying there. It should be remembered that the child room is not an extension of the whole house but it is a place where the child expresses himself or herself. It needs to be a reflection of his thoughts, ideas and his personality.  Moreover it should be fun, playful as well as inspiring for the kid. A bare look in the room should identify that the room belongs to a superhero or daddy’s princess, a fighter or an astronaut. So the first initiative would be to know the child’s interest and then plan accordingly so that fun and functionality both are taken care of.

Storage boxes

One of the best utility based storage units are undoubtedly the boxes. Today it is utilized almost everywhere so why not in the kids room too. As per studies teaching kids to be organized and ordered for their own things and belongings from an early age helps them in becoming a responsible adult in future. Boxes are easy storage and easy finders. For a child it is an excellent storage unit where they can store their toys and other belongings, search them when they want it again and become responsible about own goods. However for a child’s room the boxes become apt only when they are painted with vibrant colors and decorated with pictures and cartoon characters, the child love the most. A box with a lid and wheels is always preferred in a kid’s room since the lid helps in keeping the box look tidy whereas the wheels help in easy movement of it.


Another great idea to organize the kid’s room is by introducing shelves which provides enough space for storing hobby items, shoes, sports goods etc. Book shelves can be made separately over the study table or the bed which also segregates the same from other belongings. Cuby hole shelves are the best for kids room since it provides multiple separate units and maximum storage area. Various sizes of storage containers can be kept in these shelves. The size, width and height of the cuby hole shelve can be decided according to the room but it is surely one of the best way to store just about everything.  One can opt for the oak shelves which are quite popular especially for its solidity and sufficient longevity.

Beautiful closets​

Closets are equally great option while creating storage space in kid’s room. However organizing the closet is the real task so that there remains space for each item and it’s easy for the kid to find his own things. For this one may use child storage racks, stacking bins, cabinets, child hangers, dividers, nets, hooks, clips and many others to make space for more number of goods with proper utilization of the area available. Make sure to decorate the closet as per the theme of the room and do leave room for toys to make it interesting and attractive for the child. Closets are also one of the most important accessories for childrens room.

Colorful Storage Space

Kids room should always be lively, energetic and vibrant. So everything placed within the room should be a reflection of these feelings. Storage units like all, should be colorful and painted with art works, cartoon characters to reflect the interest of the child. There are various options like bins, baskets, storage carts, wicker baskets, hope chests etc which can be used to get maximum storage and they can be designed with paint, 3d designs and stickers that make it apt for the room. There are various magazines and books which provides ideas on decorating the storage units in a child room. One can also take reference from online resources where multiple ideas are provided by famous designers on how to make the storage space for kids room, playful yet stylish.

In a nutshell storage spaces are extremely important to keep a child room tidy and cluttered free. And choosing the right variety can only be done with proper knowledge of the room space, practical thinking and keeping in mind the interest of the child. Organizing the existing storage containers can also provide good space for new items. However the thumb rule says, the easier and simpler storage items helps the child become neat and organized faster and quicker.

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