A low budget home that is refreshingly spacious

Dayan Buensuceso—homify Dayan Buensuceso—homify
氏原求建築設計工房 Rustic style living room
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A single-detached family home is a dream that most of us plan and save up for. Characterized for being independent or outside of houses standing close against each other, usually divided by a wall, this type of home can be quite expensive. Japanese architect Ujihara Motomu however achieved building one at  a more affordable approximate of 7 million pesos. The 89.42 square meter-wide property is one which you might want to take note of. Marvel in its modest black exterior and surprising interior by reading further.

Smooth exterior

Sleek black with a textured undertone enhance the appearance of this two-storey home. Its proportioned quality can initially hold back a person from seeing it as attractive, but because of its strong presence coupled with the use of cedar wood panels, the sectioned home has gained a certain charm to it. The glass doors and windows allow a good amount of light inside to offset the dark exterior. The balcony on top also provides an area for daily musings.

Cheap yet sophisticated

This opposite view of the facade likewise shows the cemented foundation of the home. Here, an unassuming awning lines the side. The raw wood soffit plus a standout wooden door frame, on the other hand, tame the dominance of black. Lesser embellishments or decorative elements saved the owners from spending excessively on this.

Good investments

Constructing a home with a limited budget also means investing on things that have more benefits than drawbacks. This space at the second floor near the balcony, for instance, has multiple purposes. The light from the wide glass windows also boost the positive vibe of the area which is a contrast to the dark and authoritative feel of the facade. 

Wooden glory

The general framework of the interior utilizes the same material as part of the exterior which is cedar wood. This quality especially works well in withstanding weather changes and costs lesser than most wooden materials used by commercial buildings. As opposed to coating and concealing this interior framework however, the latter is visible and naturally adorns the inside. It's also nicely complemented by the white panels.

The ground floor boasts of a spectacular wooden display. Noticeably, even without adding other elements, the lower level already exudes a beautiful and authentic Asian atmosphere. In other words, it fashions minimalism very well. 

Spacious and versatile

The rest of the lower floor appeals to us because of its spaciousness. Following Japanese architecture, the main hall can be used either as a living or dining area. Apparently, this area would also be suitable as a restaurant. Meanwhile, the sliding doors here also invite more light on top of the already high ceiling and surrounding windows that do the same. 

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